6 money saving trump cards I have! Save for future!

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Saving money is as challenging as earning them. Sometimes saving money is double challenging because when we have money in the pocket we have the mentality to buy.

I've seen a lot friends complained about their inability to save money. So whenever a friend of mine complain I show them my techniques.

Than a week later they say my techniques were working and they have started saving money for themselves.

I thought why not sharing my own personal techniques here so that a lot of people can be benefitted.Moreover they will be able to achieve their goals.

-When a week starts I make a list of weekly expenses instead of monthly expenditure.

Breaking down things like monthly into weekly is very much fruitful I'll tell you how. 

If you break something big than it becomes small and less complicated.

As there are lots of math involved, so when the time is big our brain will be unable to complete a perfect monthly calculation.Monthly calculations will be complicated too!

There will be a chance of making mistakes more often.To reduce mistake and increase productivity break down your monthly expenses list into weekly. 

If you still have problems than you can divide a month into two parts.15 days will be considered as a part. Than make your list of expenses based of 15 days average.

Every problems we face have a solution you just need to seek them attentively. By the way, I prefer the seven day expenses list.

- I try to make sure I've saved at least some penny on a particular day.Because you know there are some hidden costs everyday.

When we fall into those traps we don't know how our money just lost. After determining those hidden traps and I try to save few pennies. 

I think you've understood what are the hidden traps are.Well let me elaborate on hidden traps.

Say on average you need 10$ a day.But on Monday your friends suddenly planned they will eat lunch outside.

So you've eaten outside and that cost extra 10$.Here "Eating outside" can be a hidden trap. 

So every day I make sure I do not fall into any hidden traps because I need to go a long way! You also could have saved 10$ if you stayed at home or eaten home.

At the end of the week whenever I put my hand into the pocket I found 3-4$.That is very relaxing because you've something in your pocket.This is absolutely much more greater than having nothing.

-Whenever I'm about to buy something i brought the cheapest way possible but the best quality must be ensured.

I'll share some tricks I use when I bargain with the shopkeeper this might be useful for you. 

- If the shopkeeper wants 30$ for a t-shirt, you say half which is 15$.Than start moving gradually but slowly.

If you are lucky enough and can perform this trick successfully you can save at least 5$ on a t-shirt.

-Instead of buying things everyday,buying everything in a single day helped me a lot.

There is mathematical formula working behind this which I've just discovered few months back.

You may believe it or not this is really effective when you're about to save you money.I'm sharing what mathematical formula is actually working behind it. 

Shopkeepers use a technique you may have already noticed. You'll see offers like 1 kg of Apples cost 10$ and 2 kg of Apples cost 15$.

To avail the offer you've to buy 2 kg at once. So if you buy 2 kg than you can save 5$ per kg! Amazing isn't it?

-The most interesting fact is I don't go to market's more often and this is a psychological game which I won every single time.

Because every time I go to market's my brain started telling me hey buy this buy that! This was also so tempting you can't really ignore your brains telling.

-I set small targets like saving 10$ in two weeks. This is also another type of psychological perspective.

My brother once said if we set big target than our brain become incapable.

Our brain continuously push ourselves and told us that these big targets are unachievable.So if we set small targets and achieve them than achieving will be a habit.

Besides one day you'll realise that you've already achieved the big target by completing small ones.

I'll suggest you if you have a plan to buy something expensive or want to save a large number of money than break your targets in a small pieces.Than start completing them one by one. 

As I've said in the first place saving money is more tough than earning money.

But at the end of day when I feel something in my pocket than I became the most happiest person just like you.So if you have a bigger target,than set sail today.

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