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5 vast knowledge I've gained from the movie "Life of pi"

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1 year ago

Have you watched the movie "Life of pie" played by great actor Irfan Khan?This is one of the must watch movie and highly recommended especially if you want to learn something about your life, philosophy and reality.

Some movies are not only a movie rather they are the mirror of life.If you can really get into those kind of movies you'll feel the dip ocean of thoughts inside your head. Every time I watch the movie "Life of pie" I feel like that's the first time I'm watching. 

Story, dialogue, acting, characters, dramatical presentation all the elements of this movie are perfect. Irfan Khan, the great actor who died recently, fighting with cancer for a long time.

This was a great creation of Irfan Khan.May this great actor's departed soul rested in peace and God blessed him with the highest place in heaven.Sending prayers for his departed soul.

Now I'm telling you the most important things I've learnt from the movie Life of pie.Though I've watched the movie for over 10 times to be exact but every time these life lessons reminds me everything of my life.

-Life is all about letting go of every moments, every simple things about us and time. But instead of running after life forever we should stop for a moment to say goodbye to all the memories.

Breaths I've exhaled when I'm writing this article,I'll never get those back.Every seconds I've passed when I'm writing this article I'll never get those back. When I was thinking of writing a new article about the life teachings those times I'll not get back.

So here I'm trying to say everything is going and we are letting go every thing.As I've said life is all about letting go everything but we should stop or we should take a break.

Why? We should take a break to say goodbye to all the moments that passed away.We should be grateful to life for the things we have in our life.

So when it is passing away we should stop and thank it from the core of heart.If you start thinking what I've just felt you'll soon drown into big ocean of thoughts.

The same feeling I've felt when I was watching the movie. Its better to watch one great movie in a month rather than watching tons of less knowledge movies.

-Sometimes blessings may come to you unknowingly, unexpectedly and silently.

You are complaining about your life why you are not getting anything you've wished before.But everything as we know happens for an ultimate reason.

Without the perfect time you'll get the thing you've wished. You'll never know when you'll get those but be certain that you'll get.Because blessings always come unexpectedly and silently. 

When we were child in the Christmas events we get unexpected gifts from Santa Claus.At that time when we were child we knew we have to wait until the Christmas.

Sometimes our parents gifted us with our favourite things we have wished.This is true in our elders life situations too.

If we have strong faith over something,no matter how cruel the reality is we will get the rewards of our faithfulness.

-God is watching us when we are happy.He is also watching us when we are sad too.God is omnipresent in both happiness and sadness.

He watches us knows all but he has also a plan.It's too difficult to understand God's plan for a simple man like us.

-If nobody is with you still you are not alone.You can't be alone nor in the middle of a ocean not in the desert.You'll always be accompanied by your inner self. 

In the movie,when the whole family embraced a ship wreck,the boy named pie was totally alone in the middle of ocean with a Bengal Tiger.

Now imagine yourself at that place you are all alone.But my question is are you really alone the answer is absolutely no.

You are accompanied by your conscience no matter where you are and how much distressed you are.

These highlighted things I've learnt from the movie. These literally changed my way of thinking and my perspective about life.If you ask me to rate the movie than I'll rate it 10 out of 10.

Though the whole movie is in English language but sometimes there are some Hindi words too.You'll find movie subtitles online.Subtitles are necessary to get the words.

So I'll suggest you to watch the movie with subtitles or in your own language.

You'll find the subtitles in Google, just type the movie name subtitles. Like this "Life of pi English subtitles"

To get the subtitles from Finnish language to French language you can use this.Don't forget to bookmark this site as this is super enriched in movie subtitles.

Now I'd like to hear what you've learnt from the movie after watching actually.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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