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5 techniques I use to get the money back from ungrateful persons!

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1 year ago

Whenever any of our friends wants money from us as a grant or loan we are obliged to help our friends. Because this is a kind of humanitarian duty to help our friends at distress.

We may not have enough money to provide that kind of financial support but we often try our level best to help them. 
When they take money from us they say will give the money back as soon as possible.

Cause none of us that much rich. Providing loans or supporting someone financially and when they are able to give back the loan they give it back. That is the simple mechanism of giving and taking loans. 

How loans work or how it should be worked let's see: 

  • First step: I need some money to renovate my house. So I go to my friends house and asked him to lend me some money.

  • Second step: If my friend have enough money he'll provide me with loan.

  • Third step: After taking the money from him, I finished renovating my old house.Now I need to give the money back to my friend as soon as possible.

Because he may need the money for another cause. So when I get salary,I gave the money which I take it from my friend.

Everything is all right till now but there are some people who takes loan or grants money from someone but never gave it back.

Have you ever fall into this kind of situation in your life? Your friend wanted money from you ,you gave him but many years have been passed in between.

So what will you do if you fall in this kind of situation? You've lend someone money but he is refusing to give back your money.

My article will emphasize on this bad side of human nature. We took help but forget we shouldn't be doing this.

I'll share some tricks I've used personally to get my money back from this kind of persons.

If you lend someone money whether the amount is and if he is not giving you back then you may try my methods.

1)First of all when we are talking about money we have to be technical and intelligent enough.

Money is a thing that have the ability both to create a relationship and also to destroy a relationship.

In that case it can ruin our friendship so easily. So our main task will be how to get back the money without ruining our friendship.

Cause whatever the amount is friendship should be the first priority. Money is temporary in this world it will come and go but once we lose a trusted friend we may not get the trusted friend again.

So be super intelligent when you are dealing with this kind of situation. Like when you are providing loan make everything clear to your recipient.

Make sure you note down every detail like when you've provided the loan and when he'll give it back. 

2)Secondly you need to be straightforward and less shy person. 

You are technical and intelligent now after passing few months ask your friend to give back your loan.

If you feel to ask directly use some common words or tell him the reason why you badly need the money.

Say something like you are buying a gift for your wife and you need that money because you don't have any savings left.When you are showing a reason always show the best and true reason possible.

If you lie and if your recipient caught you than again you'll face delay. So be honest about your reason and show him a logical true reason.This will increase the chance of getting back your money I can assure you.

3) Do not force anyone to give back your money. This is a great mistake you should not be doing when you dealing with this kind of situation with anyone in your life.

Again I'm telling you forcing someone to give back your money will increase toxicity between your relationship.

As I've said earlier money has the power to build a strong relationship and also ruin a perfect relationship.

So don't ruin your relationship by forcing someone. 
Not only this by forcing someone you may make the situation more complicated than usual.

My mother always says when it the matter of money you need to be technical rather than showing your muscle power.

4)Before asking him to give back your money give him at least 7-10 days.

Cause he may not have the money in his hands. In this 10 days he'll be able to manage the fund.

You can say like this "hey friend I need to go to college for some official tasks on semester final after 10 days. So I need the money.

It will better for me if you can provide me with the money I gave you earlier." As you've give him some time, if he is truly a good person he will manage your money in this 10 days. 

Before asking to give back your money give him some time to arrange everything. In that way you are maintaining a good relationship as well as getting back the money.

5)Mention things like the time of giving back and how you will take it back everything when you are dealing.

This will lessen the complications for both the recipient and the giver.

Helping friends in need is the perfect example of true friendship.But there are some people who forget that we have helped him in the past and do not give the money we've provided him earlier.

My techniques will be applicable hopefully for both good friends and those bad mannered person who don't value friendship.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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Wow. This may help others to take their money back from borrowers who did not met their promised deadline of payment.

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1 year ago

You are one of the very few writers that intrigue me on this platform. I'd be interested to know more about you.

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1 year ago

I'm very much grateful to you for the generosity you've shown to me. Appreciations, getting recognition from another writer on the same platform I've got everything from me.A big inspiration!

Now let me tell you just a simple thing about you:

I'm just a simple person who roams heavily in the imaginative world. I reflect my imagination on the things I create.

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1 year ago

I have a friend who borrowed $50 from me. I gave it to her with a sincere act but guess what, it took almost 2 years for it to be paid. She's like a big sister to me so I can't confront her right away because it's not really my personality. 🤦‍♀️

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1 year ago

See as I've written when you are dealing with money you have to he straightforward and less shy.Your main intention will be to get back the money.

In future if you again fall on this kind of situations try my above mentioned steps. Just remember you just need to be technical and intelligent enough to deceive those ungrateful people's. 🤭

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1 year ago