5 important traits of fake friends I've seen so far!

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2 years ago

After our birth when we take the first breath from that moment we start learning about our life.

We learn to distinguish between evil and bad, happiness and sorrow to true and false. 

Though at a point of time we realize things we used to believe true is false. And sometimes the thing also happens which is very interesting.

We consider something is false but at the end we find ourselves that we were wrong and that false thing is absolutely true.

I'm a learner ,you are a learner and we all are learner. We continuously learning life in every moments of our life and we will continue to do so till our last breath and that is what life meant to be.

But as I've said though we are learning the basics of life we made mistakes when we try to implement them in real life. 

But there are still some people who took important decisions based on their past life learnings and experiences.I've said all the above words just to give you an idea about what is the main theme of my article. 

As I've mentioned earlier we learn to distinguish between fake and true from our childhood today I'll sharing my thoughts and experiences about distinguishing true and fake friends. 

Here in my article I'll share the traits and characteristics of fake friends based on what I've learned from my life.

But first let me say something about fake friends because this is the main theme of my writing.

There is a proverb you may have heard about "fake friends". The proverb is something like it is surely good to have known and familiar enemy rather than a fake friend.

What we have learned from this proverb is it is good to have known enemy because you know your enemy very well.

You know his strong sides and weak sides but what if you have a fake friend acted like a true friend.

In that case you'll never know who is that enemy, how you are betrayed by and how much damage he may have done to you. A fake friend is a dangerous creature you'll ever meet in your life. 

I've seen some fake friends in my life but they failed to do any harm to me because I know the characteristics of fake person and I caught them red-handed.

So if you already faced similar kind of situation like me or want to avoid fake friends in future you can follow my learnings about denoting fake friends.

1)First trait of fake friend is he will be with you at your good times when you have everything in your life but once you lost something, once you fall into any kind of troubles you'll never see their face again. 

Have you felt this kind of consequences in your life when your so called friends just vanished when you need them most.

I've seen this many times and now I know where I can get some help and who'll be vanished.

If you ever in any kind of troubles just keep your head cool and see who is at your side and who just vanished without helping you. 

2) Another biggest trait of fake friend is they are money and riches lover.

You'll see who have a lot of money in your friend list have a lot of friends.True and real friends will love you not for your money or riches you have. 

Rather they will befriend with you for your other qualities like making someone laugh.Fake friends are like "moneyholic" persons, the more you can give them the more you'll have them.

You'll be surrounded by them but once you lost your riches you'll not be able to find a single person beside you. So when you are making friend with someone look closely the reason of friendship. 

3)They have the tendency to ignore your sufferings, sorrows.

More like they will not listen to your inner feelings when you need the most and most of the time will fail to provide you with any good suggestions.

Now let me ask you a question when someone fails to provide good solutions of a problem?

The answer is pretty simple when you don't care about the problem and when you don't have any interest in that context. It's an important trait to determine a fake friend whether he cares about your problems or not.

If he/she doesn't care about your sorrows than leave the person right away cause why you'll stay with them where you have no value? 

4)You'll be sharing your everything from your day to day life affairs to personal affairs but that "fake friend" have no interest about sharing themselves.

On the other hand sometimes you'll see they are making fun of your personal affairs in public what you've shared with him. 

5)They will try everything to hide their selfishness but if you are a good observer you'll be able to catch them.They will were a camouflage to hide their selfishness directly.

They will act like they are the most compassionate person in the whole universe itself.But everything is fake presentation of friendship.

So when making a friend observe them very closely but don't let them feel you are noticing their selfishness.

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to observe someone's fake characteristics, just look, think and analyse his day to day behavioural patterns.

Personally and honestly in my 20 years of life I've faced all kinds expertise in my life so I know almost everything about them.

Since I know the dangers of having fake friends, I try my heart and soul to avoid them.

Because having no friends is thousands times better than having a single fake friend.

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Fake friends are everywhere it's very hard to find a true friend who is indeed truthful and ready to stand by you, and if you find your in the midst of fake friends you need to cut them off

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Was very amazing

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