Limit Phone Usage for Children

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Fri November 27, 2020

A Mother Concern

Most children today are overly obsessed with modern technologies such as cell phones, which are often unhealthy.

Sometimes when a child touches his obsession with his cellphone he can no longer talk properly or often does not eat and sleep at the right time.

As a result, a mother shared on her Facebook account how a child can avoid being too obsessed with smartphones.

According to this mom, her son used to be obsessed with the phone because he was always late to sleep, but since he used this effective method, he has prevented his son from using the phone to the full.

This smart mom shares, she downloaded the application from the play store on her child's phone where you can limit the time your child uses the obsessive phone.

According to her, this application can lock the cellphone whenever you want and it can not be used without permission.

Later I will share the link of the useful application found in the play store. This application was design practically to manipulate the favorite gadget of his child. A mother concern about her child's health issues resorted to becoming vigilant because of these gadgets.

My First Encounter

Before I share the link first I will share my experience with the same problem with the mom in the story.

A four-year-old child from our house was used to being a gentle good and obedient boy. However, later on, every family member including the parents of this child notice a sudden change in his behavior. This started when he's about to reach five years old.

Yes, it takes only one year to make these changes from his behavior. During those years this little kid that used to be a friendly and loving child started to learn using a cellphone.

At that time he was influenced by adults because of curiosity. He likes to borrow and play games on every smartphone he successfully asked. The child becomes addicted.

It's the truth, this kid becomes obsessed with playing digital games rather than physical activities. The behavior he possessed before changes into negative. It makes us sad and discomfort.

So I decided to follow the mom's advice to download this app and install it immediately.

Application to Install

Download this in the play store or apple store and install it on every smartphone you had. This will help to control and limit the time use of your child until you can get a ride and erase their curiosity about gadgets.

You need to install both applications. The first is for parent phone and the second us for your children phone.

This app is guarantee useful to your young kids including your teens in your home. If your concern is to limit their usage, this is the best app aside from mental advice and good parenting discipline for your beloved children.

A Piece of Advice

This is a piece of advice to the people, parents, or guardians out there "don't let your kiddos satisfy their curiosity about gadgets."

Ops! I'm sorry for marketer businesses that taking a liking to make these kiddos their target market.

Although this is only my own opinion we in our generation didn't suffer much from the negative effects of these addictive gadgets. Maybe because during our time gadgets is not that high in technology that doesn't put in our interest just like today.

However, to mention some of this during the '80s to 90's the family computer of Nintendo was the most familiar in our time. There are also break games and PlayStation. This is highly addictive to us without proper guidance from the adult.

But if someone cares about the mental health of a child this can be avoided by controlling the use.

The only difference during those times only the rich can afford those things while today it is very accessible that become a demand for everyone. The cellphone aside from being the main source of communication is also used for other leisurely selfish desires.

As a child present in this kind of surroundings increases their curiosity including this kind of technology. As an adult let us help avoid this to happen. By guiding the children to the most convenient valuable activities. Make their health become first priority.

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