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Day 12. 12/11

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1 month ago
20 May 2022, 11:42 am Friday 

Good morning, everyone.

I'm glad to announce that I've completed 11 days of my challenge and just 10 more days to go and successfully complete my twenty one days challenge.

Yesterday was very funny day really. I met a friend of mine after three years and we had a hell lot of fun. His girlfriend was calling him over and over again asking his whereabouts and she was possibly not getting him and he was constantly trying to convey his thoughts in other words he was reassuring her.

People who are in relationship I think can relate to this one. Anyway this catches my attention. It seems lovely to me but I think for some people it may seem otherwise.

At midnight, I was having a reflective moment and I had a lot of questions but no one to answer them or whom I can possibly share them.

But, it all seems so beautifullll at the end of the day. Time spent with friends are really quite memorable and type of friends I have are precious ones and they all are brother and sister to me. We have shared a beautiful bond together of many years together.

The times with friends, the memories created with them are worth cherishing and they often helps us sailing the soaring Ocean. At other times, when we feel alone and lonely we often rejoice these memories as a defense mechanism.

Bye everyone and thank you.

God bless all.

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Written by   33
1 month ago
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I see you had a great outing. 11 days out of 21, it was just like yesterday you started your challenge and it's halfway through already. Good luck.

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