My First Love Poem to Her

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I'm trying to write you a poem;

Do I start with popular words "sun shining, breeze blowing, me thinking, with you obsessing, perfect evening"

but To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our live;

So I try to be real and let this fire be original.

I'm trying to write you a poem;

But I lack words to use;

Imagine me calling you beautiful;

Shakespeare would have a better muse.

Saying just that you're fine is an abuse; sure an underuse of desperate feelings of gratitude that I'm granted to see those eyes of yours.

Your tender, shinny, sacred soul, wrapped all over in electrifying elegance and the most precious of all heavenly beauty reserved for the humble to adore... I worship God, I would have worshipped you.

I say these things because they're true,

If they weren't, I wouldn't bother to.

I tried and failed to achieve perfection;

I'm trying to write you a poem;

But your divine power shows with your smile;

Your super powers hunt me down Everytime I perceive I hurt you: so we become stronger.

If I could write a poem, 

I'd write about your love for God;

I'd tell a short story that should even make you have joy everytime...

Tell how proud I am of your mind;

Not the average teenager.

I would speak lovely things of your siblings, like how everyone loves a Royal smile;

How Sarah will make a good big sis;

And make jokes of your friends;

How perfect enjoys changing his profile pictures, but never his face;

How Sharon and Nancy has taught you how to curse;

How Halimat and you will make a great Bible study team;

And tell how much I love you guys!

I'd compose like Michael Jackson, articulate like Ray Hudson, bring out all the smile in you,

And be rewarded with a hug.

But I couldn't write a poem... But you always do,when you smile.

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Nice writings. Your a good poet. Is this dedicated to someone you're dating?

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3 years ago

Awww thanks Baij. Yea, she brings the best out of me. Thanks for the encouragement 😊

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3 years ago

Might be you can not write a poem but believe me you can write and this is way better. My compliments and till next time. 👍🍀💕

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3 years ago

Merci beaucoup!🤗

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3 years ago