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FIX: Wallet Transaction Failed when sending Bitcoin Cash

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1 month ago

I have seen some users getting issues and errors when transferring or withdrawing their funds from wallet specifically their earnings.

On todays article we will talk about 2 different HOW TO's:

  • How to fix "Transaction Failed in".

  • How to Create multiple wallets in

How to FIX: "Transaction Failed in"

I also often withdraw my earnings especially when needed. One thing that makes and valuable to me so as Bitcoin Cash is because whenever I needed a penny there's no need for me to ask some friends to have them lend a money for me. I just got some directly from my own wallet! Isn't that amazing?! But one thing that I am afraid though is encountering errors.

Have you ever encountered getting issues with sending your earnings to other wallets or when trying to cash out?

Just like what happened to user @Zaki who posted in

I've got a solution for you!

I got this idea from @bmjc98 post in Facebook.

Sending even just a cent from your main earnings without transferring it to a different wallet you created would still give you a "FAILED TRANSACTION ERROR". There could be cases it goes successfully but believe me I tried it numerous times and I only got 1 successful transaction of $1 from my wallet to coins PH. Right after that said transaction I got no luck!

So ideally instead of just keeping your earnings from and all at the same wallet in it is best to have them divided on multiple wallets and you have to create two wallets for NOISE.CASH earnings alone.

Here's what I replied to Zaki's post to help him out:

My main noise wallet is the "NoiseπŸ’š" I wait for that wallet to earn $1 before I transfer it to "HoldπŸ’š" wallet.

This is to avoid from getting "Transaction Failed Error".

Here's the reason why you would have to lower your transfer amount to $1 or less if possible:

How to CREATE: Multiple Wallets in

If you ever wondered how to do this or maybe because you haven't tried let me walk you through:

* First, click on +Add.

*Second is click on + Create New Wallet.

*Third input the label you want to your new wallet. Then click on Create Wallet.

Then, Tadaaannnnn!!!

You've got now a NEW WALLET! Isn't that amazing and easy way to manage so as divide your earnings?!

Disclaimer: Pictures taken from my personal account. Don't laugh that is my current balance. I had misfortunes so I would have to withdraw but I will get back up.

There! Hope this helps especially to newbies who thought that noise or read is a scam site or BCH is not real. I am the living proof that these are LEGIT. If you ever encountered any other issues bare in mind that you can always ask and that there's no harm in asking.

Have a great day!

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Written by Β Β 104
1 month ago
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I have downloaded the app but have not used it until this week, I started to create wallets, dami ko kasi nakita na gumagawa non dito. Na enjoy ko naman xa, so far wala pa akong error na naencouter. I have tried buying NFT using the app too. Don ko na din, drtso ang earnings ko sa read.

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1 month ago

Just dont mix your earnings to other earnings coz theres a big possibility you might encounter one as per @bjmc98

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1 month ago

Oooooh so it's the gas fees that give this error lol. No wonder! I got this error too once.

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1 month ago

Hi ! Its been a while dear. Yes correct. Its the gas fees. I encountered couple of errors as I tried to transfer my noise earnings to other wallet that i have here in our country and it got fixed when i followed the instruction listed above.

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1 month ago

Ah ok ok yung wallet sir mas ok ba yan gamitin kay sa coins ph wallet mismo? Ala pa kasi ako idea sa wallet na yan

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1 month ago

If we are talking about security then yes. It is better than but if you dont normally hold you bch and you convert it directly to php then better use The only thing is it isn't so secured since they don't give us any seed phrase.

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1 month ago