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Written by Β Β 105
1 month ago

How have you been this EASTER SUNDAY?

Have you spent your day with your family at the beach or did any egg-hunting?

If so, I am glad you enjoyed your day!

But for those someone like me who just spent their time tryin to get enough rest because the long weekend is over, I hope you got a great one!

So for this article I decided to give you some updates. There were some details that I wanna tackle about:

Noise.Cash Update

  • Renoise

  • Status


Days ago admin posted about a certain update on two things:

First is when you RENOISE then next is about STATUS.

So here are the details below:


So ideally if you renoise my post without putting a comment on it or your thoughts then the tip will go directly to me alone but if you put a comment then ideally its gonna be shared between the two of us.

  • Next update has something to do with FREE TIPS

Then I saw this on my profile earlier just beside the FT whenever you wanna tip someone. You just gotta click your status and this would show you. Whenever you click the "What's this?", it will eventually brought up the details I screenshot above.

NOTE: Screenshot posted came from NOISE.CASH ADMIN. It has been posted like that because I want everyone to see the details clearly instead of just plainly doin a screenshot despite the other details not visible. I believe all the things that admin would post are important.

Here are some of the users I followed who reacted with their status. Because of these users were producing quality content. In fact, @tired_momma were listed as noise example of users with eligible content as per their post.

But one good thing is that, admitted that there are really no perfect system and they are a work in progress.

My take away with all these updates is that I am good with whatever wanted to do as long as it makes us continue to earn. Because and helped me a LOT. Though I can't help to actually show what I felt with me being tagged as ELIGIBLE but still AT RISK due to LOW QUALITY CONTENT because for days now I have been trying my best to post something better than before but then again, there is no perfect system. We are all here because we another way to earn and hold that has slow transaction fees.

This would only mean that we are being united with BITCOIN CASH. Imagine, wherever we are, we are now connected! Plus we are enjoying the priveledge of earning while at home or the option to earn on a LEGIT site.

Now would this be a GOOD BYE FREE TIPS?

SPAMMERS now are slowly being chased and will not be eligible to receive tips as they are abusing the platform on the website and hopefully they would all become a legit account other than spamming with: "S ME, S DONE, SUB ME, FF, S BACK".

Not a good bye though since as per noise if you are tagged as NOT ELIGIBLE TODAY then you start to post quality content then your status will eventually change to ELIGIBLE and despite for example that you are tagged as uneligible you are still able to receive tips from other users.

Let us continue to support. READ, UNDERSTAND before we REACT. If details not understood clearly would create chaos despite the other party just making a huge point. So let us all be open-minded with the changes and continue to HODL!

UPDATE as of 4/5

Noise team decided to remove the status. Here's the post: admin just announced today that they will be removing the status as a LOT of users were making a fuss with them being tagged as eligible or not. I believe because some of those know that their content were good. We may have got back our sort of a freedom but let us UNITE and report SPAMMERS! Let us instead make it a lot easier for noise to see those who kept on commenting nonsense.

But then there are some other users that despite the status being removed they are not getting anything from noise anymore. Those people were actually sharing quality content ever since as I am their follower. But hopefully noise could fix if there is any on going issue.

Who is with me?

Cheers to better days !

Whoa! You are awesome for reaching here! Thank you so much! Do not hesitate to join my trivia for this article in noise.

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Written by Β Β 105
1 month ago
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I'm very happy to say that I'm now eligible! πŸ₯°

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1 month ago

OMG MOMMA same here!!!

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1 month ago