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15 Uncomfortable Truths in Life

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2 months ago

I was browsing Facebook News Feed when I saw a post from my brother's girlfriend regarding this. Here's the screenshot below:

I got so curious so I did not hesitate to run through the details and it says:

1. A salary is the drug your employer gives you to forget your dreams.

Sort of, because if I were to really listen to what my heart says I would have explored the world but actually it is not the salary that is keeping me it is how my Boss treat us, my colleagues. They are so hard to find.

2. If you continue to wait for the "right time ”, you’ll waste your entire life and nothing will happen.

This is so true. Something that up to now I needed a hard slap, so hard that I need to really wake up and start working my ass harder than I am doing now because I needed and wanted so bad to be financially free at the age of 40 of which I only have very small number of years.

3. Even when you trust your close friends and family, let them know nothing about you.

I hope I was like this from the beginning. If only I get to learn about this the earliest I wouldn't be in a situation when I am obliged to help and give my all or beyond that. I would've been happier.

4. You'll lose 99% of your close friends if you start upgrading your life.

Not really. I do not focus on who come and go really. I do not rely too much to my friends because I am afraid that once they become enemies they would mock me publicly.

5. Government and politicians are one giant scum that'll never save you from your problems.

1000000000x CORRECT! These scumbags should learn their lessons! Everytime I see the word TAX in my payslip it pains me because I know it won't be used to make my life better rather it will make a politicians life richer. Tsk!

6. You'll be 10x happier if you forgive your parents and stop blaming them for your problems.

This is something that I have actually tried. I stopped blaming my parents why we are poor and how on earth have they not even planned our future. I already understood them so bad now that I am a parent too.

7. Train yourself to let people win arguments on purpose to conserve your mental health.

Yeah. At first it is insulting to just let it go but then we have to choose battles that are worth fighting for.

8. You become more mature when you train yourself to take nothing personally.

I am such a cry baby! I take everything personally but when I learned to loosen up I felt lighter. Though that cry baby in me is just there but I am doing my best to learn on how to control my emotion.

9. By age 30, your inner circle should be more focused on making money, building their body and starting a family.

I wish! I want to meet people who could motivated me to earn more and teach me new skills not new update of anybodys life.

10. You don't need 100 self-help books, all you need is action + self discipline.

Something that I got to learn so bad. Self-discipline at any parts of life is so damn needed but then even in food I am struggling to discipline myself.

11. Skills and financial education will make you win over 97% of college graduates.

Right! A lot of undergrad has way better life now than those College graduates. Studying can be fun and being a degree holder is an achievement but there is no better achievement than being financially free and knowledgeable.

12. You can't expect honesty from people who even lie to themselves.

Yeah, I hate people pretending to be happy when they are not. I want people to talk the shits that they are experiencing and really just work with making their life better than pretending to be having a happy and perfect life.

13. People are stuck in toxic relationships because they're afraid to be alone.

I am not afraid to be alone but I noticed that people can be stuck like me on a relationship that I do not know the direction is because of responsibilities.

Now I understand why mothers would choose to suffer for the sake of having a complete family for their children.

14. The most difficult mission on earth is to focus on your dreams; the easiest task is to complain.

Yeah, I am one who complains a lot. I got so much tired of doing my best when no one gets to notice it and it hurts so bad.

15. If you're not where you want to be in life, avoid alcohol and w**d at all cost and your life will drastically change.

I have not tried any weed or sort of but alcohol is only for occasional. I once hated changes but then I think it is something that I just badly need to accept.

...end thoughts...

This one's kinda long article but I hope I did not bore you.

Thank you for reading! ♑⁠(⁠>⁠ ⁠ਊ⁠ ⁠<⁠)⁠♑

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Written by Β Β 244
2 months ago
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