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Hello Read-land, hello ladies and gentlemen; nobilities of this awesome site and family. It has been a while since I came on board with an article and I dearly missed that. Periodically, I have visited and read as many blogs as I could and commented on them as well. I am happy to read and comment but today, I'm taking the bull by the horns to make an entry. Thank you all for keeping the platform alive and active as I wish for more active users. It has been fun and interesting.

Out of happiness, I am behooved to write this day. Happiness that everyone and every home seek has just knocked at our door and was welcomed stylishly. I have another cousin and I am so happy to celebrate her with everyone. All through the day, I had my face covered with white powder.

Rubbing white powder during childbirth is a significant norm in my country and other parts of Africa especially at naming ceremonies. For so many reasons, rubbing white powder is so important and necessary during child birth and naming ceremonies. I will be revealing some reasons why it is part of our norm.

In most African countries, names are treated with great significance and hence the need of ceremony to announce the child's name. This ceremony is marked with gifts, refreshments and some other entertainment activities depending on the tradition.

In some places, after childbirth is announced, women of the neighborhood get a white powder or white native chalk and run it around their neck and face. They do so joyfully while singing and dancing for the new born baby.

It is notable to say that every child within my culture was once celebrated in this traditional manner and fulfilment .

The use of this white powder and native chalk during childbirth and naming ceremonies signifies "pure heart" goodwill and a welcome to the new baby.

Today as the news broke, everyone who came around had their faces painted white with powder, all thanking God for a successful delivery.

In some places, other items used in naming ceremonies include palm oil, which is also significant in such an occasion. A drop of it is out into the baby's mouth and everyone present takes a taste of the same oil too. It is often said that tasting the oil is a sign of blessing for the baby.

In some other tribes, things like oil, sugar bitter kola, alligator pepper, salt and alcohol are presented for the naming ceremony and not forgetting palm wine. I have been in different naming ceremonies and it has always been fun. The last time was that of a friend's nephew, her mother went with lots of cooking items including live chicken.

All these items and foods are made present not just for the baby but also with happiness. The parents of the child especially the mother feel so much joy from the impression of the gifts presented. On her own part, she welcomes her visitors by preparing a delicacy for them.

Another important activity in childbirth and naming ceremonies is prayers said to the parents and the baby. There has been a series of prayers said here, each by different visitors. Having a child is indeed a blessing of marriage. Today is a significant day in my family as a baby cry has finally been heard in my brothers house after years of marriage. Celebrate with me everyone for today, a child is born until us. Glad you read to this point, thank you for your time and may the blessings of the be with you.

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