Virtual friends and Physical friends. (Questions and Answers)

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Holla everyone, how is the Friday and weekend going down there? There has been some noise from speakers across the street. A burn fire night starting as early as six, the people really can't wait to party. I'm spending this weekend with a friend whom I walked up to last month at school. She will be coming to be with me through the weekend and I can't wait for her company.

Perfectly as I was reading this evening, I came across @Amjad_Ali_Waince post where he wrote about friends and answered several questions about them. I felt like it was a perfect coincidence to actually tell more about my friend who's coming to be with me. This is my entry to Amjads post.

Do you value a physical friend over a virtual friend?

This should depend on the relationship and the value we share as friends. Some virtual friends might not be there when you need them in times of urgency, while the physical ones will always be there for you. That alone doesn't define that anyways because value is what I sought for in friendship. Whether physical or virtual, I will always value more of those that I share much and important value with. My friend who came to stay with me is a physical friend and right now, I value her so much more than the others who are not here or close. I met her while walking to lectures and since then, we have been good friends and have shared common and important values together.

"I support any means to make real connections so long as that it does not really quickly to real connections.its the long term online friendship relationship that starts to get a little hairy"_ Nev Schulman

Have you had someone refer to you as a friend but you can't consider them?

Yeah, this has happened on several occasions. Sometimes I meet them and hang around with them for days. I meet these kinds in a gathering of friends of friends. Yeah, as we have a good friend, he or she also has good friends too. The same thing with our best friends, but One thing about all these is that there are personalities we can cope with and so many we can't cope with. That's another interesting and awkward part of sociality. I have met with some new faces around the table and we introduced ourselves and got connected just like that. Sometimes it ends there but most times, it doesn't end there. We get to meet in one or two places before wrapping it up as friends. Whenever I refer to them, I call them friends which is probably the best way to describe them. It's just personal to know that it didn't last. I still have them till now and not one but many. We cheer, we merry, we greet and we hail, all these when we see.

Better to search for new friends or just let it happen naturally?

When it comes to acquiring or making new friends, I wouldn't use the word "search for". That is just my belief and exactly what works for me. Searching for trust is wrong in a way because I think it is better to be earned. Friend(s) are people you take as your second family. They should be people not searched for but earned through cordial relationships. There are thousands of personalities and characters but only a few match your personality. I wouldn't say I'm searching for who will be my friend, I could find ten while searching but at the end, I will have two as my true friends and hence the saying " show me your friend and I tell you who you are"

Have you ever met your virtual friend in real life?

Yes I have met with several virtual friends. One day I got a WhatsApp text from an unknown contact introducing herself and how she got my contact. Someone has recommended her my number because she was looking for a place to sleep after her entrance examination to a nearby university. I met her and she was a good girl worthy to be kept as a friend. We still see each other today despite our distances. Virtual friends are worth keeping.

Do you spend more time with your virtual friends or physical friends?

I spend almost all my day with my physical friends. I got them all by watching my back as I watch theirs, we are cool and beautiful together. Physical friends are always there for you, sharing feelings and emotions are of great advantage. I spent most of my time with my physical friends and it's amazing.

This is it guys, so happy you read till this end. I hope you find my answers fascinating. Thank you so much for your time and patience.


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