This is how we greet every morning

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6 months ago

Here in my part of Africa, there is always a morning greeting in the English language. "Good morning good morning" is a morning compulsory recitation. Some elderly people would say "morning sir or morning ma" depending on who (adult) they are greeting or wishing. Children are always expected to say it louder and clear to their parents every morning and to their elderly people or siblings as a mark of respect and good manners. Sometimes when you greet an elderly person, the person will take more than five minutes to ask you how you are doing today, about your education, your siblings, they will like to know about your parents . Imagine a conversation like this..

"Amanda was coming back from an errand, and was sent to buy pepper for making breakfast at Mrs Uzosi house. This is one common thing here in my country, food ingredients are not always complete. It is either there's no salt,or there are no onions. One thing is always missing and a child will always be sent to get it..

Amanda: good morning ma

Mrs Uzosi: good morning my daughter, how are you?

Amanda: I am fine, thank you.

Mrs Uzosi: eyaaa.. how are your parents?

Amanda: they are fine, they sent me to buy pepper of (names the price)

Mrs Uzosi: oh! Pepper! This morning? Won't you go to school today?

Amanda: I would, we were cooking and mama said I should come buy pepper.

Mrs Uzosi: okay. How about your elder brother, the sick one who was taken to the chemist two days ago

Amanda: he's getting better now

Mrs Uzosi: what did the chemist say was wrong with him?

Amanda: he said it's malaria

Mrs Uzosi: I knew it, when I saw him that day, his eyes were greyish and I told your mother he is suffering from a high fever. It is well anyways, I'm happy he is getting better. How much pepper again is that you want to buy?

Amanda: (repeats the price)

Mrs Uzosi: this portion here is the price you want to buy but I'll add an extra half for you. Tell your mom I added this half for you, okay? And remember to extend my greetings to your dad and sick brother too, bye.

Amanda: bye, thank you.

One thing I have realized is that this "good morning" is more than just a greeting, it really means a lot. It is an opportunity for people to ask about other people which is very nice. When someone greets a person, the person being greeted is always likely to say "how are you" and could go far by asking generally about your family. It is also an opportunity for the Kids to make their feelings known to their parents and elders.

My worst experience while greeting is when I am snubbed, especially when I am sure the person heard me clearly. When I was a child, it happened to me regularly and there is this elderly woman known for that. She just doesn't like kids coming around her house because she has a cashew tree. She is always seen around the cashew tree with a bamboo stick with which she uses to chase kids away. Every time I walked past her and greeted, she always snubs me. I don't know if maybe she thinks I am indirectly seeking her cashews attention. Her attitude made me hate her as a kid after complaining to my siblings about her. She just snubs everyone whenever she sits in her compound and it makes me feel bad personally.

One day, I walked past her and didn't say a word to her, I repeatedly did that and one day, she saw my mom and was telling her that I was disrespectful to her. She said I don't greet her and that she doesn't know where she wronged me. My mom cautioned me and I told her everything and how it has been happening.

Nobody liked it when snubbed, even as an adult now. There's always a bad feeling of being snubbed that can lead to a quarrel. Greeting people is good, it's healthy and shows concern. I think it is a way of spreading love too. Let's try to say "hello, how are you today" or just 'good morning " to our fams and friends.

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6 months ago


The woman heard when you greet her but decided to snub and when you stopped, she noticed. Some people are like that and I hate it.

Greeting is respectful and it makes those you are greeting feel a sense of warmth that someone cares about them.

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6 months ago