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5 months ago

"You are really attractive and really want to make out with you. Will you be my boyfriend? I've been looking for a boyfriend"

I was like wow in my mind, what a pickup line i said. He's really a good looking guy but I had to tell him I wasn't interested. To stop coming after me more. I told him I have a boyfriend.

Hello readers, it has really been a while, how're y'all doing this season of Christmas. Christmas is really in the air and Sooner, all radio and television stations would be playing Christmas songs.

Some days ago at a cyber cafe, I was with my friend Angela whom I accompanied to get some of her projects printed. As we sat by the corner waiting for her work to be done, there came a blonde guy who also came for some assistance. A funny and tall guy with light skin and dark eyes. His name was Melvin.

How I knew his name..

As I sat with Angela patiently waiting for her projects to be done printing, Melvin entered and wanted to surf the internet. At that time, the system was busy and he decided to join the small queue by sitting next to us. He was silent at first until after a few minutes, I noticed him adjusting himself looking at him with rear eyes. I was just focused on my phone with my earpiece until I heard "hello" for the second time.

I was like "hi" then he said "how are you"... Until he introduced himself as Melvin. He continued by telling me how good I looked. That's a good one though, but as a beautiful lady I am, I have been getting such compliments as a daily routine. Glad to hear that once again, I smiled back at him. After some questions, he wanted to take my phone number which I somehow declined. Yes I did. I lied to him, I told him my name was Angela but why did I do that..?

Every guy out there is handsome and more handsome in one or two ways. Looking good is what all men have in equal especially when they're rich and successful. In the ladies world, of course "every woman is a queen", therefore, queens are beautiful and deserve to be well cared for. As a queen, every lady knows what she wants from every man.

Personally, my friend Angela and I like tall and slim guys with dark skin. They are our type of men we would want to go on a date with. That is just the personal and the best character we created in our head. Any other guys could be the one we will love but the picture we painted remains there till we find love.

Melvin is a nice guy judging from my first sight but it's obvious I wouldn't want to be in a thing with him despite his strong energy. That day at the cyber cafe, I decided to take his phone number instead and told him I would give him a call when I am free which he finally agreed.

Well, guess what? I didn't even call him after two days and I don't know why. I remember being in a discussion with some males friends and they were talking about girls ghosting men they don't like. It was just me and another girl amongst them and we couldn't change their views on the topic after trying to convince them.

My opinion..

I don't think every girl ghosts guys simply because we don't like them. Practically, I didn't call Melvin as I told him because he was so much in a rush to be on a date while I just met him within a space of one week. That's a little time to fall in love with someone, oh no!

Coincidentally, Angela and I walked into him and his friends in a restaurant. We had gone to take lunch when we met them. That day, he offered to pay for our bills which without hesitation, we agreed.

"Wow, so nice of him, I still can't believe you exchanged my name for yours" said Angela as we laughed over it. Melvin invited me for another lunch the next day at a different spot and I told him I would be likely to turn up before we left them.

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The next day, I went with Angela to the restaurant he had invited me for lunch. Angela sat at a distance keeping watch over me and him. I already told her that I wouldn't accept him as my boyfriend.

Right on the dinner table after eating and talking for a few minutes, he pulled a paper and pleased I should help him read the writings. I knew it would be something I had imagined but just decided to take the paper from him. It reads... " My dear, You Are Really Attractive and I Really Want to Make Out With You. Will You be My boyfriend? I've Been Looking for a Boyfriend"

I dropped the letter and giggled looking down for a while. I didn't have to ask who wrote that and why because it so obvious it him. To end it all in a less difficult way, I told him I would get back to him.

I am not just interested but right now, how would I tell him in a way he would understand.

Thank you for your time dearies.

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5 months ago


Wow How did you reject it? I'm taking my chances and I want you. ahahaha I'm a little dark ahahhaha

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5 months ago

I guess you mistype the "boyfriend" instead of "girlfriend" Gianna? Hehe. 😅

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5 months ago

Yeah, that was a mistake and I hope you understand. Thank you for your time

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5 months ago