As you pray for the world, remember us (my country

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3 months ago

It is dawn to me that the apocalypses of today's happening worldwide was given times ago. The most high gave us humans prophets, who stands between man and God. Many events of the past were predicted correctly and some prophesied long before they happened. I know and believe that there are oncoming events in the future that has been spoken about. I am also sure that so many ears have heard of it but the question is; which is true? Who do we believe and how sure are we that the foreseen are correct (accurate). That is just man being human. There has been wars and there might be another to come.

Every nation has this big dragon they are trying to kill before it gets on them. Countries of the West, North and South have this one thing they're fighting for or against. With all the natural resources the most high has given us and with this modern advancement of knowledge, we still have problems we fight daily.

My heart goes to the people of Turkey, and ll those who were hazardously struck by the earthquake. Truly, this is a difficult and a trying time. All lives lost in a matter of hours. What is all this! Why all these happenings on earth. We say out prayers daily as if it was our food but still the worse keep happening. Who has foreseen that happening and what preventive measures have we taken? Or did it just happened from nowhere. God protect his people I pray, from all dangers and hazards.

"On the eve of yesterday, I was among a group of people discussing about the earthquake in Turkey when one of us said that there was a prophesy about that earthquake sometimes last year. She said it with such a convincing assurance that it was an African man of God who gave that prophecy in the altar while preaching. "There will be an earthquake in Turkey, it has happened many years ago and it will happen again". In all verisimilitude, it later came to reality. How I wish it never happened, I wish it could be by our human powers to stop that from happening. I cry my eyes out when I saw a child saved on the news. It breaks my heart even more when the death record tolls high. We don't deserve this, this is supposed to be a peaceful world, but despite the problems we cause ourselves, natural disasters hit us too. It shall be well, I keep believing and I pray it becomes fine today. If you have anyone affected by the earthquake, please check out on them always because they are going through a lot emotionally. "

The dragon we are fighting in my country

I am a patriotic Nigerian and I chose to stand and defend my country all time but this time around, I am scared of my stances. Bad leadership has engulfed the nation and citizens, we would continue fighting for the good/our rights. I was born into this country and I am proud to be from here, it pains me to see that things aren't working as it should here in Nigeria. It pains me the more when people still suffer to complete three square meals daily. The poor gets stripped of what he has in advantage to the rich who doesn't even care at all. The government doesn't care at all, the school system not working, everyone is complaining. They make promises but will never fulfill any. The only time they stoop low is during election when they sugarcoat themselves asking for votes. Once they get into power, they become the beast we fight daily. Something is happening now and it is something unprecedented. I have never and would have never dream of that to happen in this life. Everyone is bitter with the government right now in my country due to the high cost of living. The worse being that we are denied access to our own money in the bank. There is a new restriction rules about withdrawal limit and changing of the country's Naira notes. This has caused more harm than good to the people of Nigeria. People spend their days and night in the bank just to get money from the bank, their own hard earned money. This might sound as a joke but it is true and happening now in Nigeria.

The price of gas and fuel tripled under one month including the difficulty to have access to your own money. So many are alive today by God's grace. Since the past two weeks, people have been suffering to eat, even the ones they have in the bank, they were denied access to it. So unfair and unjust, our leaders are doing nothing about the situation, they don't just care who lives and who does.

Election will be held in no distance time from now and many believes the current government are intentionally doing this because their tenure is expiring, while many believes it is absolute wickedness. I see no reason why a leader should be incompetent. This is absolutely disgraceful, for a government to do that to its own people is totally shameful. My country seek for your prayers as we keep believing that things will be ok sooner. May this beast we fight not win us, Amen!

Happy Sunday lovelies.

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3 months ago


This catastrophy really put the world into shock and grievance.. Our prayers go to the people of Turkey and Syria. Let's just keep praying for one another.

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3 months ago