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Five Bug-Themed Games To Play: Part 2

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7 months ago

So, as promised here is the continuation of my top five favorite bug theme games to play, where you get to play as a creepy-crawly or even collect them as a game mechanic.

If you haven´t read it already, you can check my previous entry here.

1. Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

In this puzzle game you play as a spider, spinning webs and eating insects to survive, all the while you get to explore a mysterious abandoned mansion that used to belong to a secret society.

It has some decent web-slinging mechanics. In each puzzle, the objective is to eat a certain number of insects before moving to the next level. Also, certain environmental conditions like the weather will also affect the type of puzzles and insects.

Another intriguing thing is the whole mystery, you have the option to investigate what happened to the people in the mansion. But the story is very ambiguous as it´s up to the player´s imagination to figure that out. Helps if you know a little about the real history of secret societies.

Game Link:Steam/Android/iOS/Humble Bundle

2. Beetle Uprising

If you´re looking for a strategy game with decent breeding mechanics then this game is for you.

The objective of this game is to raise a beetle army and control an abandoned lot but it can also act as a pet simulator, you get to raise your beetles, feed them, play and clean them. Keeping them happy is key to success. You can also send some of them on missions to collect resources, as well as real-strategy campaign missions.

But my favorite part is the realistic genetics mechanic. You can pair up specific beetle with the traits you want, a beautiful unique color, or survival skills. Do this enough times, that generations later your little bugs will be a force to reckon with. Sometimes new beetles will show up, introducing new genes to your group.

I would argue this is more of a spiritual sequel to SimAnt but with beetles instead of ants.

Game Link:Steam/

3. Birdgut

Birdgut is a hilarious but creative hand-drawn puzzle-platformer game. You play as a bee who gets eaten by a bird only to find machine parts instead of organs, it explores what is essentially a dystopian setting, where all the consumed insects are brainwashed to serve the Bird.

Fortunately for this bee, it is somehow immune and decided to go on a mission to destroy this mechanical monstrosity and free its fellow bugs. Despite the bleak setting, there is a lot of humor and quirky elements. The music has a melancholy feel to it.

There is a lot to explore in this game, from hidden secrets, a diverse array of unique and challenging puzzle environments as well as a cast of quirky bug characters.

The game also comes with multiple endings giving it some replay value. Plus, unlike other games on this list, it´s free to play.

Game Link: Steam

4. Bee Simulator

The life of a bee seems so simple, fly flower to flower and drinking some nectar. But what if you could experience the life of one? This is what this game has to offer.

Now this game does have a plot, you wake up one day to find out that humans want to cut the tree that holds your hive! Now you can find a way to save your Queen and the rest of your siblings.

First off, the game has a multiplayer mode like a co-op, split-screen, and PVP.

You can also play story mode, where you save the hive, exploration mode where you get to explore a simulation of Central Park to your heart's content, or simply compete with other players.

The game also offers some realistic gameplay elements. You collect pollen by looking for special flowers, fight predatory wasps and dangerous humans.

But the fun part comes to interacting with your sisters in the hive, you race them and dance with them as a form of communication, which is something that bees do in real life.

There is also the fact that the music was composed Mikołaj Stroiński who worked on the Witcher 3.

This is an ideal game if you´re looking for something relaxing.

Game Link:Steam/Humble Bundle

5. Frightened Beetles

his is a really short game, but I thought it was interesting enough to put on this list.

This is a cute 2-d game where you play as a bunch of beetles trying to fly away while dealing with a bunch of obstacles.

The game plays as a runner platform, similar to the likes to Flappy Bbird. It´s very very challenging and requires a good memory and reflexes.

It´s got some decent humor and a very cute and quirky animation style.

Mind you this is the developers first game project, but it is fun to play if you have three minutes to spare

Game Link:Steam

Final Thoughts

That´s it for now, a bunch of interesting insect games to play. Do you guys have a favorite bug theme game that would like me to check out? Please comment below, I´m always open to new suggestions.

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Written by   102
7 months ago
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