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What is bitcoin really?

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1 week ago

We must first clarify that BTC has already without a while ago I stop representing what Bitcoin really seeks to be, this certainly taking into account that today it has extremely high transactions in terms of costs we mean and in turn very long wait times, which limits its use to a certain part of the community.

Bitcoin really is a P2P cash system, which seeks to cover not only a small percentage of the population, but seeks every day to be more accessible to people, with a focused and well-made adoption, in which through different projects it seeks to attract and dely into the daily lives of people, this regardless of whether their world revolves around cryptography or not.

And there is the future, there we find what Bitcoin really means, it is an alternative for the world, an alternative that presented thousands of benefits to the world, not just a small part and this is the path that Bitcoin cash has really understood.

Bitcoin cash today has a lot of consolidated and constantly growing projects (,,, etc.) which through a simple, intuitive and dynamic system, has managed to attract a lot of new users, who for the most part had no knowledge of what cryptography itself is.

How has this been achieved? simple, people love the new, the new, this is very true, but at the same time it scares them, which has been understood very well in the community, thus achieving through basic concepts, creating new things but not alien to what is already known by these people.

That's why I very much highlight the work of and, which through a concept that a lot of people in the world already know, a concept that we have seen on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Wattpad, but at the same time being innovative since people are given the opportunity to generate income, doing what they used to do for free on these sites , at the same time including them in BCH and benefiting from their great advantages

And I know many will say, what are those advantages that BCH offers? Simple, the costs of bitcoin cash transactions are much cheaper, their times between transactions are extremely small, their execution and adaptation in the daily life of people is becoming more effective, that is why today we see more and more small businesses, of hardworking and humble people, accepting bitcoin cash, which shows that without a doubt the path that is being taken is really the right one.

And like these, there have been many more things achieved in BCH, from campaigns to help countries in need of this as EATBCH has been, the information campaigns carried out by different teams of the world which have made every day more, that every day we grow more, that every day total adoption is a reality.

information campaing by sjbuendia

That's why today I firmly believe that BCH is Bitcoin, because although there have been obstacles, the road has always been clear, the new and old community knows where it's headed, we don't just focus on that part of society that has its super knowledge in development and computing, but we go for everyone, from those workers who every day put all their efforts to be able to bring bread home , even the boy who has lived with a lot of money all his life, here we do not exclude, here we include because that is bitcoin, bitcoin is to open his eyes, to show the world that they have the future in front of them, the opportunity to belong to a free system in which they can be a part.

And for you What is Bitcoin?

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Written by   64
1 week ago
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