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Ukraine: ongoing Ethnic cleansing against Hungarians

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2 years ago
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In the recent years, Ukraine started to make laws against its ethnic Hungarian population. Incidents against Hungarians got more frequent, and the basic human rights of Hungarians got revoked one by one. The incidents are coordinated by the Ukrainian state, actions are specifically targeting the Hungarian population. These actions dont just involve the creation of discriminative laws, they also involve police harrasment, active violence, terrorist attacks, and they are being processed openly, without the protest of UN or any international communities.

What Hungarians do there

After the first world war, nearby Slavic and Indo-European speaking countries occupied two third of Hungary, including territories with Hungarian majority. After the second world war, Ukraine -as part of Russia back then- occupied Transcarpathia. Eastern parts of Transcarpathia was mixed ethnicity, western parts was - and still is - Hungarian ethnic majority. The territory belonged to Hungary originally, and the Ukrainians occupied it to make life-room for them-self, despite of having a country that's about 5 times bigger than Hungary. Soviets expected the Hungarian majority to fade away within a few decade, but it never happened. Currently, about 200.000 - 300.000 Hungarian is living in West Transcarpathia. Map of Transcarpathia, purple means Hungarian majority:

(Map of Transcarpathia. West: Hungary, East: Ukraine)

Tricks to turn Hungarians into Ukrainian

Ukraine did everything to assimilate Hungarians, but they have failed. As you cant turn a goat into a cow, you can't turn one ethnicity to another one. Even offering better job opportunities, careers, money, Hungarians just didn't turned Ukrainians. What a surprise! After the failed assimilation attempts, Ukraine wasn't caring about its ethnic Hungarians for a few decade. Then the Ukrainian-Russian war broke out in 2014, when Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula. After Ukraine lost the war against Russia, their attention is turned against ethnic Hungarians. The Ukrainian state decided to end the presence of ethnic Hungarians in west Ukraine by any means.

Restrictions on language usage

Ukraine proposed new laws about restricting the usage of the Hungarian language. Proposals were made after incidents involving a neo-nazi Ukrainian organization, who have investigated the Hungarian presence in Transcarphatia. Ukrainian state praised itself as a savior for Hungarians, communicating that if Hungarians would know the Ukrainian language, they would have fantastic jobs, instead of basically living in ghetto-villages.

Why they can't just learn Ukrainian?

Imagine China invading your county, and then they would try to force you to learn Chinese. People in mainland China would not even know that you exist, the Chinese police would stop you and scream at you in Chinese, and you would not able to buy food in the store because you are not Chinese. That is how Hungarians are treated in Ukraine. Besides this, Ukrainian language and Hungarian language is very different. Ukrainian is a Slavic language, its basically a dialect of Russian. Meanwhile, Hungarian is an Urali language, originating from Asia. The distance of the two language is similar to the distance of English and Chinese.

Beginning of oppression

From the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian war, some young ethnic Hungarian men was force-drafted to fight in the war against Russia, despite of they are not even speaking the language. After Ukraine lost the conflict, the need for a final solution came urgent. After various conflicts with neo-nazi Ukrainian organizations, there was a change in the public mood against Hungarians in Ukraine. For example, Ukraine Sich, an Ukrainian Neo-Nazi group, known for organizing anti-Hungarian marches in Transcarpathia, was integrated into the Ukranian army in 2017.

First proposals to ban the usage of Hungarian language was made in 2018 and the Ukrainian legalization voted the first laws, which have banned the usage of Hungarian language in certain areas.

How Ukraine is oppressing Hungarians

The new language law was accepted in 2019 which can be read here in its full extent Parallel to this, Ukraine started to persecute and arrest local Hungarian functionaries, such as majors, elected representatives, activists. Hungarian children above the age 10 was forced to make their studies in Ukrainian language, despite of them not even being able to understand the language. Hungarians are not allowed to use their language on work-places, advertisements canot placed out in Hungarian.

(Footages about the conflict, in Hungarian)

Cracking down on Hungarians

Cracking down on Hungarian leaders have continued, and they have started to crack down on all Hungarians who they consider dangerous. For example, they have arrested the players of an ethnic Hungarian football team which the state has not approved. They have entered an international competition for ethnicities, and then they got persecuted and the members of the team had to leave for Hungary to seek asylum from the persecution. They face 20 years in prison for playing football. Thousands of Hungarians are currently beig persecuted in an organized way by the state to disrupt the daily life of ethnic Hungarians.

Open ethnic cleansing

Starting from today, Ukraine revoked the right for public healthcare of Hungarians. According to laws, healthcare services can not be accessed in Hungarian language, which means ethnic Hungarians can't get healthcare services if they need so. This puts Hungarians to direct danger, and in general, the revoking of public health care opportunities for minorities considered an ethnic cleansing by the UN and international laws. Hungarians are now not allowed to run business, use their language in work places, shops, schools.

Terrorist attacks

Active incidents are also becoming more frequent against Hungarians. An Ukrainian far-right terrorist organization having multiple members tried to murder the Hungarian citizens of a Transcarpathian city. The Ukrainian neo-nazi organization created a cyanide based poison which they attempted to deploy in 2020 december. The action got deconspirated. Similar type of attacks are frequent, another Ukrainian neo-nazi organization entered to the same city, where they have announced in a video, they plan to murder every Hungarian children.

Corrupt Hungarian state does not helps too much

Hungarian state can't really do much about this situation. For example, Hungary has 14 tanks, Ukraine has about 1200. The corrupt Hungarian leadership wastes all the money and its international influence to fight against the left-wing. The Orbán regime barely sends any help to Ukraine, they mostly supply some minimal aid for ethnic Hungarians, but in the last decade they did no considerable military spending, every penny spent on the military went to a black hole, and no one really knows, where, because there are no results of those spending. Currently, Hungary can not protect ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine, therefore international help is needed-

International actions are be required against Ukraine

International sanctions and actions are needed against Ukraine. These actions could involve a widespread economic blockade, or military action, to prevent bloodshed, and annihilation of 300.000 ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia. The international community must also reconsider its views about the Crimean conflict, which is usually viewed as an act of Russian imperialism, but if the ethnic Russian population faced the same issues, then the western powers must stop aiding Ukraine against the conflict. Hungary currently blocks every further help at the levels of NATO and EU to prevent the Ukrainian state from gaining even more power. Ukrainian neo-nazi organizations should be considered international terrorist organizations, and sanctions must be made against them as well.

Please tell me your opinion about this conflict.

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Written by   103
2 years ago
Topics: Home, Strategy, Family
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According to something I read recently such activity is almost always driven by economic greed powered by some kind of perceived cultural elitism.
It was an article about the genocide in Rwanda, I cannot find it now.
The only cure is teaching children to never do to others what they do not consent to.

But apparently almost every parent on the planet quit doing that several decades previous.

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2 years ago

economic greed, its interesting

because from 1989, every country from the region went from north-korean levels of economics to something more livable, except ukraine, where the salaries still about $100 per month

there is something about their culture which does not allows for growth and success

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2 years ago

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2 years ago