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The death of capitalism

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1 year ago

Our world is becoming socialist, all across the planet. It seems there is no magic power exists that can stop it any more. Socialist trends overtaking every part of the world. Not just Venezuela, China, West Europe, USA... And not just in the economy, statism and communist retardation also laying eggs in people's heads. In this article, i will try to flash the light on the strange mental psychosis, which is catalyzing socialism, statism, and communism.

In the early days of the Venezuelan crisis, i spoke with a few Venezuelans about the situation. Instead of showing the fake long-face which people usually show when they start to listen to they problems, i started asking questions. The answers quickly became very angry. The following, altered discussion will show, how these discussion went every time:

-Our salary is $20 a month. We are starving, we cant buy food.
-Why do you work for that small salary then?
-Because there is no other job!
-Your monthly salary worth's less than three pizza, why do you go to work for that?
-Because there is no other job! DONT YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!

Of course, i understand him. The conception of profit or any kind of economic knowledge or experience was very far from him. Even the basics. So i decided to try to give him some advice's.

-Do you live in the city, or in the village?
-I live in a village.
-Why don't you cultivate some potato?
-How to do that? Also, our land area is just 10*10 meters.
-That's enough to plant two or three bags of potato.
-And.. what then? How much potato will grow?
-You will be able to cultivate five to seven bags of potato.
-Then you can eat one or two bag. Basically free food. You can sell one or two bags. You plant the rest in the next year.
-For how much money i can sell the bag of potato?
-I don't know, that depends on the supply and on the demand.
-But for how much i can sell the bag of potato?
-Maybe 20 dollars per bag, i am not sure.
-I cant do that, because the statist mafia would shot me.
-The state would shot you for cultivating potato?
-Yes. I will not cultivate potato. The state would come and take it.

Obviously, the state would not come, and nobody would take his potato. The whole conception of creating a business, is far from him. Basically his whole life is about some authoritarian figure coming and telling him what to do. In this case, this authoritarian figure cant even feed him. Trying to make a profit and business decisions? Speculation is evil. It must be the state's responsibility to feed the people. Everything will be fine, all the problems will be solved by someone. But it seems, nobody solved the problems. Nobody solved his problems. Nobody solved the problems of the state. There was no magical Jesus stepping out to solve his problems. It was futile to watch the sky - the new redeemer never appeared.

Statism is a black cloud, laying on the faces of people. From this black cloud, they cant see: the country is the collection of people. If the people are strong, the country is strong. If the people are rich, the country are rich. But not the opposite: if the state is strong, that will not make the people or the country strong.

-What your profession is?
-I study to be an english translator.
-Thats fine, that should give you nice profit then.
-I still studying, i dont earn any profit from it.
-And? You already speak very well. There must be people who want texts translated.
-No, i dont have degree yet.
-...and? Why would you need a degree to translate?
-Because you need a degree.
-You are currently chatting with me without a degree.

Of course, i understand this person too. He wants the blessing of the state. A piece of paper, so he can translate. I don't think the majority of the clients would ask from him about any kind of certificate or degree to translate a random text. But the conception of business is far from this person too. The only thing he can imagine, is being a gear in a large device, blessed by the state. Without this, he rather starves. In a statist society, the state is basically a god-like character. This fake god overwrites the real god - overwrites rationality, sanity. The magical degree will granted by the state for you. The magical orders from the state will give you a job. Because, the jobs are GIVEN by someone. Saint corporations will GIVE you the JOB, operating under the protective arms of the state-god.

Another Venezuelan:

-I am starving (the usual complaints).
-Where do you live?
-I live in a village, near to a large forest.
-That's fine, you can just go out to the forest and trap some bird.
-I cant do that. That's illegal.
-Illegal? Dude, you are starving.
-Soldiers would shot me!
-There are no soldiers in the forest.
-There are... (?!??!) And.. its illegal. They would shot me. DONT YOU UNDERSTAND?!

Of course i understand this person too. He is not a green-activist hero, who refuses to do to illegally eat a bird in the forest even if he is starving. There is nobody in the forest besides his own imagination. In reality, he is not even afraid from committing this crime, and he is not afraid anyone from shooting him. What he afraid is doing innovation, trying new things, trying to make his life better on his own. He is afraid from doing some thinking and research, he is insecure about what others will think of him if he eats a random forest bird. He is afraid of capitalism. He is afraid: what will happen, if his soul will detach from the state-god?

And a story about a Mexican:

-I am collecting $100 to buy a t-shirt.
-WTF? You can buy a 100% cotton t-shirt for $10.
-What brand?
-Brand? I don't know. Made in China, or anything. I bought two for $15 last week, both of them is 100% cotton, and very thick and comfy.
-But you don't understand, it has to be some brand with a logo, otherwise, its worthless!
-That's wrong, cloths without branding are more valuable.
-In Europe. The brand-less cloths are more expensive than the branded ones, and usually more quality.
-THAT'S WRONG! Everyone in Europe and America uses branded cloths! Branded cloths are everything!
-Dude, its 2020, nobody is dressing up like an advertisement pole any more. Look what people wear on streets, with the help of Youtube.
-So there are no Mexican cloth manufacturers?
-They are, the branded cloths of USA are actually made in Mexico. We ship them for $10, they put the logo on, and then we re-buy it for $100!
-Then why don't you buy it for $10 instead?

Of course, i understand. The focal point of your fake life is to buy a Nike t-shirt. If you have the Nike-shirt, then you are the king of the field. Its like when people take $6000 loan to buy a Mac-book, so they can became REALLY good artists, because they saw it in the TV. What else could be needed to be a good graphics artist, who earns 1000-s of Dollars every month? Well, obviously a Mac-book and a Nike Shirt, and not like skills, patience, and capitalistic instincts to be able to find buyers and donators... Meanwhile the real artists use a $2 pen, random printer paper, $20 camera, and GIMP.

Anti-capitalistic trends in the society

Less and less people in today's society support capitalism. Young people has a new cult around underachievement. This trend, however, does not begins with the generation Z. Generation X also had this, and then later, generation Y has it in a bit bigger quantities. But it only became the norm in the last decade. Speaking of artists, basically, there are two type of graphics artists out there:

1. I can't draw hands, so i will not draw hands ever!
2. I can't draw hands, so i will draw hands for a week!

Its very hard to find the second type any more. Back then, to be a jury, you had to show up something, now, its enough to just register an anonymous nickname, and start spitting at others. This can dis-encourage others to create products as well. At least you can do it from a Mac-book, in a Nike t-shirt, from your Venezuelan potato head quota, while you have electricity. And after that goes out, you have finally achieved full communism.

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Written by   88
1 year ago
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1 year ago

I love this post. I agree and I have met exactly the sort of people you describe here. A lot of them, all around the world.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Yes. This is becoming a global problem now. You are lucky, as Japan is not too much affected. At least not for now.

Which is surprising is that usually the 20 year old youngsters are doing it. Young people should usually be wired to revolt against everything, coming up with new theories in engineering and business, wanting to do everything better, but the crippled education system turns them into biodroids.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Yes, the education system is to blame for much. It destroys the whole humanity. One must be very strong to resist that brainwashing.

Incidentally, I'm not living in Japan. I have sort of family connections there, but I'm not myself Japanese and I am not living there.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Oh now i am surprised, i thought you are in Japan, after all of those articles about Japan, and you know the language very well. It is public where you are from?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

No, Japanese is not a public language where I am from, but I have lived in many places and in many cultures and I have had to learn many different languages. I don't really have any national identity, and I don't want one, I have built my own from various sources. It is, in a sense, a great freedom, a freedom I deliberately strived for.

As for Japanese, I have sort of family connections to Japan and the Japanese culture, it has contributed to my interest in and knowledge about language and culture.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I didn't delete it, only changed the first line, which I thought was too private to expose publicly, but you got most of it in your notification.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Ah ok. BTW i think Japan is overally a better place to live in than any parts of Europe or America. Maybe i will end up there one day.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Yes, it's certainly better. Europe and America has declined in all aspects. Terrible societies. I won't even say that there is a Western culture anymore; it is gone, it has eroded by more than a century of sick political experiments. I don't live there and I don't want to.

How come you know Japanese? Any connection to Japan?

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1 year ago


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1 year ago


$ 0.00
1 year ago

Do you go to Japan frequently?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Now and then. Not so often nowadays as before, but it happens.

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1 year ago

I am trying to imagine what previous instances in history like this had similar cultures.

During the collapse of previous empires there must have been something akin to this

  • a generation ignorant about the physical cost of living.

    One factor we can see is that current culture is devoid of farming experience.
    Current culture seem to be oblivious to the fact that things like tomatoes and apples and almost anything else one eats or wears requires patient effort which swiping a touchscreen does not teach.
    Politicians popular with such ignorance are annihilating entire economies with scarcely a stray thought to the kinds of consequences Robespierre could have clarified in first-person narrative.
    Their socialist heavens will starve in ways that may make Chairman Mao seem like a nice guy.

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1 year ago

Well after all, one of them is demanded from me to tell him, exactly how much potato will grow in his garden :D It seems communism always begins with the destruction of education: the fake sciences replacing the real ones.

Everything can turned into clownery. It can be fake scienced, if you replace the actual science: replacing digital logic with the expertisation of how you organize your office. Math can be turned into fake science, if they replace trigonometry with teaching 100's of thesis about integration and derivation, all about 2 page long each. Or you can replace psychology with gender studies, and so on. Probably this was the first stage in Europe and America as well, turning education into a joke, creating billions of people who don't understand the basics of any profession.

And then they have a person detached from the reality, drooling for things, wishing things for free, as they cant earn anything using their non-existing knowledge and skills. Basically, opening a highway for communism.

BTW ancient Egypt in the Bible also turned into a communist dictature, after the pharaoh nationalized everything, including the houses, the land, and the whole industry. After a while, everybody turned into welfare-parasite, and the rest of people who was able to still own a house, was forced to do forced labor for daily 12 hours, basically paying 100% tax, to keep the economy going. And when they tried to leave, the pharaoh sent the army out, to bring them home.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I occasionally consider one root of the problem being
how politicians/government types brainwash populations
into disbelief of consequences.

Removing the 'if/then' construct from a culture
opens it up to disastrous opportunities:

IF you worship public education THEN your children can be taught to Harm anyone for any reason.

IF you think compulsory vaccines solve everything THEN you can be convinced into complying with any kind of genocide.

Almost anything is possible if you convince population to not consider consequences.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

And when they tried to leave, the pharaoh sent the army out, to bring them home.

The nice thing about our current condition, is that it is done with only lies and propaganda, so it is easier to just ignore it. The danger remaining, is the mobs that can potentially rise up and do the violence in stead.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Great article. I will keep the link as a reference, to give to other people struggling with the same!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Thankyou. Are you from Turkey? Anti-capitalistic trends are infecting that country too?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Not from Turkey, I am further north, in Europe. And yes, the world turned crazy, almost nobody understands the most basic things. I just have a habit for long of using tyrants as nicknames. Maybe I should stop that, I am more mild now.

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1 year ago

All the comments here is very long super duper long, even i reas the comments i dont think all the comments here is related to this post.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Hehe the long ones are.

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1 year ago