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Bus ride to hell

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5 months ago

Akko was a high-school girl. She had long brown hair, and brown eyes. She was short and skinny, and very cute. She was wearing skirt with shirt and a vest. Before and after the school, she travelled with bus. Akko was member of a lot of club, so she usually finished the school at late afternoon. In the previous days, there was a huge rain, which damaged some of the roads. This affected Akko's road too.

-I am sorry, my kiddos - said the bus driver - but i will not be able to drive on this road.

The road in front of them was totally damaged. At morning, they also used a different road, near to an old and unused landfill near to a village. This landfill was long time gone. The woods already overtook the landfill, only some old rusty cans reminded the visitors of the old usage.

-At morning, we went to the direction of the landfill, on the agricultural roads. - said one of the friend of Akko.

-Ok then, we will go that direction. - replied the bus driver, and turned onto the agricultural road.

The agricultural road was in a much worse shape than at morning. Now the weather was much warm, which made the road more muddy than it used to be. All the cars, busses, heavy trucks used that old agricultural road bethwen the fields, to circle around the damaged road. The bus was only able to drive very slowly.

Akko was sitting alone. Her classmates were talking, but somehow they was more silent than usually. Akko noticed this fact. She was always sitting alone, she hept her toughts to herself. At this day, they was after the school dance and sing clubs, and usually everyone was full of health. But not this day, everybody was adapted to the unusual situation with the damaged roads. Today, something was in the air. Her classmates were talking about less useless topics, and were talking about more important ones.

Akko were watching out on the bus window as they passed the landfill. She was occupied by her toughts, as the bus turned left to approach the old wood bridge. The landfill was in the outskirts of a forest, and the agricultural road was very muddy, so the bus driver had to push the gas pedal quite a bit, to avoid getting stuck in the mud.

The bus was suddenly turning left to drive through the bridge. Akko was wondering: at the morning, the dirtroad here wasnt like this. Like, this part of the road was covered from the rain. But how this could be possible?

-Oh shit! - after a loud but short swearing of the bus driver, everybody went silent.

There was no bridge. The bridge was gone. The bus just accelerated into the abyss.

Nobody started screaming. Akko was looking down, to check how deep they will fall. Too deep, like the size of a block of flats. Its hard to tell how many meters they will fall, but the trees seemed like toys down there. Before Akko had a chance to panic, they were already halfway down. One of her classmates voice in the bus broke the silence: i never tought the end will be like this.

Ok, thats it. - Tought Akko. She was scared. She wanted to live. She wasnt sure, why, tho. She had no real friends, didnt really made any important things in her life, she was just sad. She wasnt satisfied with her life. At the moment of the impact, the bus started to compress from the front and below, the windows started to fly around like shrapnels. The impact was faster than the nerve system, so Akko didnt felt anything from the impact.

When Akko opened her eyes, she was suprised to see the desintegrated bus. It fell into parts. Miracolously, most of her classmates was well and alive. They were talking around the wreckage, everyone was in shock. It was total silent, but people still talking in short sentences to each other, as they were in shock.

Akko stepped to one of her classmates, and started talking to him. But he didnt answered. She stepped to another classmate, but still no answer, they just walked away. Then Akko realized something strange. Beyond the bus, there were white chairs in a line, and people sitting in them. Akko was confused - whats going on? She walked in front of them, one by one, to find out, some of her classmates were sitting in those chairs. In the first chair, there was somebody who wasnt her classmate. Who brought these brand new chairs here? Why her classmates are sitting in these chairs in total claimness? Why most of them wears a white dress?

There was a boy sitting in the chair to the right. Akko never talked too much to this boy, even if they was close classmates. A woman in white, stepped to the boy, and they had a short convo with the boy.

Then the women told the boy: congratulations! You were selected to go to the heaven. Suddenly, a shoulder bag and a hat appeared on the boy. He started shining, and laughed. He told some jokes, as the other people sitting around, was clapping and congratulating him. There was a ring appeared on the left side of him, he waved, and jumped through the ring.

In the next chair, there was a girl. She had a short conversation with the woman too, and she was sent to the heaven as well, in a similar fashion, althrough she didnt shined, and the portal was in different shape and color.

Akko wasnt beleiving what she just saw. She wasnt sure if she was hallucinating. She running back to the other side of the bus to tell them what she just saw. But they were occupied by wiping off they blood, and searching for their items. She ignored Akko, like she wasnt even there.

Akko ran back to watch his classmates in the chair. At this point, she understood, those are her classmates, who died in the accident. But who could be that girl in the first chair? That girl is not her classmate. She walked there to check again, who she is. That girl was just sitting here, not moving at all. Not even her eye was moving. The true shock was the fact, that the girl sitting in the first chair, was Akko herself.

Akko did a few steps back. Then she looked down on herself. But she seen nothing. Akko realized at that point that she has no body any more. One of the women in white cloths has stepped to her, and told her not to be afraid, just sit in the chair. Thats right, Akko was died in the accident.

Akko was unified with that puppet in the chair, and accepted her death. The white clothed women were continuing with the people in the chairs. However, at the middle of the line, they wasnt sending people to the heaven any more.

-We cant decide about you - told one of the women to one of the girls. We will have to send you back to another cycle of existence. You will reborn, you will have a new identity, this one will be deleted.

-Okay, sounds good - replied the girl, and she was faded away.

There was only two girl left, Akko and another one. Akko didnt liked this girl for some reason. There was no white clothed people any more, everyone was in red. Three very large, ugly people, wearing red, with malformed faces were stepping to the girl. The men were screaming in a deep and distored voice, explaining to the girl that she is going to the hell for what she did in her life. The girl were screaming, and begging the devils not to take her, but they grab a rod and started beating the girl, while they was forcing her down from the chair. Flames were appearing around the girl, and she screamed in agony.

The last one sitting on the chair was Akko. A large black ring was opened on her right side, and a black, satanic person was watching Akko from the inside. Akko started complaining: oh my gad, what have i done that made me to be the most evil person in our class? The devil laughed, and told Akko: you should remember it.

Akko started to think, what bad things she did. She was thinking and thinking, to find out, but she didnt found anything... until a point, when one of her old memory, which she burried deeply, started to re-appear in the front of her eyes. She didnt wanted to see that memory, she didnt wanted to see what her true nature is. However, she never in her life allowed that inner darkness in her to crawl outside. Akko was a nice and cute girl, she didnt committed any sin yet, but her true soul was rotting. Thats why the devils were not grabbing her, just laughing at her.

Then one of the white clothed women touched the shoulder of Akko, and told to her:

-Akko, the collection of your spirit has been cancelled. Close your eyes, and focus on your body a bit.

Akko closed her eyes, and started focusing on her body. She started feeling her nerves and neurons. Her heart started to pump the blood again. She just noticed that she is just shitting herself. It was hard for her to open her eyes, but she had some hand-pumped oxygen mask on her face.

The emergency just arrived to the scene, they brought her out from the wreck and they succesfully started her revivification. She was on a stretcher, the paramedics were bringing her to the emergency car.

The dream ended.

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Written by   23
5 months ago
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Thankyou. is not about upvoting bch related articles. BCH related articles were only got upvoted rapidly lately as the result of the block-tax proposal. Normally, all the interesting articles are being upvoted. Also, i am not interested in uploading my articles to free sites. Writing is a business for me, i write where they pay for it, if they pay for it. I will never type a letter to wattpad. I dont work for shares and likes, i only work for money.

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