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Wonders of guava.

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5 months ago
Topics: Health, Fruit

Guava commonly referred to as Psidium Guajava (Botanical name), it is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the Myrtaceae family grown for consumption and many other health purposes.

Guava has an oval shape and its color can either be yellow or green. It has not been a popularly consumed fruit in some parts of the world due to the area it is commonly grown but if you agree with me, it has been a very beneficial fruit to the human race. Popular known for its typical fragrance that is kind of similar to lemon but not as strong as the sweet fragrance of lemon.

The benefit of Guava is not just restricted to the fruit itself; from the leaves to the root all have one benefit or the other to humans. The fruit is widely consumed in two forms, either taking it raw or processed. I particularly love it processed because I had false knowledge about the fruit seed while I was growing up.

Surprisingly I discovered it has more vitamin c than oranges and many other fruits, it has been tested and proven that Guava gives you more vitamin c than any fruit. It is also a high source of Vitamin A, protein, fiber, and folate.

Now you know how nutritious this fruit is, the health benefit cannot be sidelined and all these qualities have made Guava one of the healthiest fruit on earth.

Let run through some unbelievable fact about this super fruit, I didn’t just get addicted even though I can’t get enough of it around me because of deforestation. People no longer give value to trees, they chop them off at every slight opportunity forgetting the importance of every tree.

#fact 1
Guava hardly contains any fat, so if you thinking of a fruit you can eat regularly without the fear of adding fat; you can try guava out.

#fact 2
It is a source of energy, is that not amazing? In the issue of dietary fiber (a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by our body enzymes) Guava has a healthy composition of dietary fiber which is very important to the body.

#fact 3
If not all some are aware of the importance of Vitamin B9 in the body, Guava is a great source of vitamin b9.

Apart from these facts, Guava has some outstanding health benefits you need to know. I said earlier that the health benefit won’t be restricted to the fruit itself, my study extends to the tree as well.

Wonders of Guava Leaves and Fruit

The Guava leaves is has beneficial as the fruit it produces but I observed that many can tell you few benefits of Guava fruit but only few can tell the benefit derived from the leaves, the leaves have been a treatment for various disease and illness in the world today.

Guava plays protective roles and boosts the Immune System:

The Immune system is referred to as the body defense system. Just like governments empower military forces with weapons, guava helps the body in building a stronger immune system against infections that might want to take over the body system. Guava possesses many minerals such as Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin B6, and many others that help to fight against invading bacteria and viruses.

Regular consumption of guava can reduce the risk of having any form of cancer.

Apart from boosting the immune system, Guava plays a protective role in the body due to the high level of vitamin C in it. How? The respiratory system needs protection and Vitamin C stands to protect it. Guava helps our cells and tissue to remain strong and very healthy...

In addition to protecting the respiratory system, Guava is also a very powerful source of antioxidant in the body that stops the negative effect of air toxins we take in through are our respiratory system.

Weight loss:

Guava leaves can help reduce fat in the body. How? The leaves are dried and made into a tea for consumption. It is very simple and less stressful, and I have always been a believer in curing health issues with natural foods.

The fruit itself has some properties that make it a choice for weight loss.

Guava is a high-satiety food (food that fills the belly for a long period) and it prevents us from consuming junk food that can be disastrous when related to body weight.
Guava is a rich source of potassium that boosts metabolism and energy, it supplies the body with energy for physical activity that is very important in dropping weight.

Guava contains only little quantity of fat which doesn’t pose a threat of adding weight to the consumer. As said earlier, it a good choice of food when considering not adding weight.
The fruit and the leaves have a very reliable natural treatment for losing weight or maintaining a balanced weight.

Maintaining a balanced digestive system:

In maintaining a healthy digestive system, daily consumption of guava is a very effective and reliable method. Guava is a perfect source of dietary fiber and this can help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. In addition to this point, guava supports a healthy bowel movement and prevents constipation.

Controlling the effects of Cancer:

According to the test result and researches made by scientists, Guava extracts can prevent the growth of cancer to some extent and might later probably be able to stop the growth of one of the World's rampant diseases “CANCER”. The disease has been the vogue in recent years claiming life, it occurs as a result of abnormal cell growth with the potential of spreading to other parts of the body system.

Guava contains a high level of very strong antioxidants that can counteract the damaging effect of free radicals in the body system.

Maintaining healthy and beautiful skin:

The human skin reacts to different changes and conditions such as weather, aging, reaction to creams, and so on. The test has proven the ability of guava leaf extract to put an end to acne-causing bacteria in the skin.

Apart from it antioxidant properties, it also a source of Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory substance that is very beneficial to the human body when it comes to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. The vitamins present in the fruit also help reduce the fast rate of aging among humans.

The issue of skin Itching, Blackheads, acne, black spots, and many other skin problems can be handled and cared for with the Guava leaf. in addition, the leaf contains an antiseptic that kills acne-causing bacterial

How can you do this yourself?

Get the guava leaves
Rinse it well
Blend the leaves
Add little water to it while blending
Apply to the affected part and rinse it with water after some time.

Preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth:

Vitamin B is known for its ability to boost and repair hair, Guava is a good source of vitamin B, and applying it to the hair plays a great role in keeping our hair healthy. The guava leaf takes care of the hair from the root.

How to use Guava for hair treatment:

Get the number of leaves needed
Rinse the leaves
Boil it for 10-15 minutes
When it is cool, apply it to your hair
Massage the hair and rinse after an hour or two.

It helps the brain function more effectively:

The brain is a vital organ in the human body and it must function at its very best, guava is a fruit that can keep the brain in a good and functioning state.
It contains vitamins such as B3 and B6 that aids in blood circulation to the brain.

The presence of Vitamin C and antioxidants help to keep the brain is functioning properly.
Potassium in guava aids in maintaining the electrical conductivity of the brain, this is very important for very good, fast, correct thinking and also a good recalling ability.

Production and Absorption of Hormones:

Guava contains copper and this helps it in performing the function of production and absorption of hormones. This regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland. The thyroid disease which starts little to becoming a life-threatening disease is trending in the world today. Fortunately, anything thyroid problems can be prevented by consuming Guava because of its production and absorption of hormone ability.

Guava is capable of handling any thyroid-associated problem, the potassium and powerful anti-inflammatory properties present in the fruit can help improve thyroid functioning.

Before now many countries use the guava leaf and tree bark for herbs to cure various illnesses but the world today doesn’t care about the idea of herbs drinking like the days of our forefathers.
To me, I believe guava is economical and it helps us save money.

Indeed, natural cures don’t cost us much and guava has proven it if you understand what I mean. You can blend guava to treat skin disease instead of purchasing expensive anti-inflammatory cream and in many other instances, it saves you a lot.

Question asked by people about guava, Can I eat the seed?

The straight answer is yes; both the flesh and the seed can be eaten. Many have shown concern when eating this super fruit whether to chew the seeds or not. Guava seeds also contain similar nutrients in the Guava flesh so eating it means you have doubled nutrient.

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Written by   252
5 months ago
Topics: Health, Fruit
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Wow, some informations are really new to me, thanks for sharing this article, I had additional knowledge

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5 months ago

A very amazing fruit and the tree in all. I didn't know the the dried guava leaves can be made a tea and us consumable. Thanks for this very helpful tips you have shared for us. I will try this one.

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5 months ago