Club1BCH Premier League preview; Week 9.

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1 year ago

I am glad the Premier League action will return tomorrow now that the International break is over and for some reason, I believe footballers deserve more resting time because of the continuous match they are playing at the International and club level.

The English Premier League kicks off with a derby match and it won't be the only derby match for the weekend. I spoke to @PVMihalache about match preview and it is going to be coming every week from this weekend. I think this should guide us with our fantasy selection and could be very useful for bet lovers.

Arsenal vs Tottenham.

The Premier League kicks off with a North London derby and I can tell how much energy players will bring into the weekend matches.

Both clubs are in great form and will look forward to continue with their outstanding performance before the International break. Arsenal lost the last time against Tottenham which deprived them of the UEFA Champions League ticket for this season.

Arsenal will be coming into the match to take revenge and they might get all three points because both team hardly loses when they play against each other at home. The match is a crucial one for both sides, Arsenal currently holds the top spot while Tottenham sits third on the table and they will both be putting in their best to get all three points from the fixture.

Both teams have new players that can make changes for them and I expect nothing less than a very competitive game from both clubs. I expect nothing less than two goals and eight corner kicks in the match.

Manchester City vs Manchester United

This is another derby a lot of football fans are looking up for the weekend and I can tell it will be electrifying.

Last season Manchester City enjoyed the glory of the derby because of Manchester United's poor form all through the season but things will definitely be different this season. Manchester United have made a lot of changes in the team and we can see how much it is working for them. They started the season badly but they have turned up for the league party since then.

It would be a tough encounter and I don't have too many expectations from Manchester City because Manchester United won't be going easy on them no matter what the result turned out to be. Manchester City has the home advantage but it won't be enough if they go on conceding unnecessarily as they did in some matches.

They have great attacking players but they aren't the best in defense like we saw last season and Manchester United could take good advantage of that. I expect both teams to score in the match.

Bournemouth vs Brentford.

Bournemouth just returned from the Championship but they aren't joking around in the league. They have lost some matches but they haven't gone in a match without a fight and that shows how much they want to remain in the league.

Both sides last played in the Championship before Brentford got promoted to the Premier League two seasons ago and they are on a whole different level now. Brentford is the better side and I expect them to get the best out of the match.

Bournemouth concedes a lot and we all know how Brentford take their scoring advantage very seriously. It will be a challenging one since they both need all three points, the match will definitely spark some energy from their rivalry in the Championship and I expect quite a good number of goals.

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea.

Crystal Palace has caused trouble for a lot of big teams in the Premier League but Chelsea doesn't seem to be one of them. Chelsea have successfully beaten Crystal in their last 10 matches and that's an awesome stat for me.

Chelsea isn't as strong as they were last season but there is still great quality in the team and they might just get past Crystal Palace as they have always done.

Crystal Palace usually have a great start in their matches but keeping up to the end has always been an issue. Chelsea aren't doing their best either but they will definitely be going for all three points in the match and expect Chelsea to get at least a draw from the match.

Fulham vs Newcastle

Fulham have been quite impressive since their return to the Premier League this season, they are doing quite well than some teams in the league.

Playing against Newcastle is a real test for them and they will be going into the match with their best form after the International break. Newcastle have started the season really slow compared to what we saw last season and they might not pose a lot of threat to Fulham at the moment.

Fulham won't get an easy time playing against Newcastle and both sides will have a lot to do in getting vital points out of the match. Fulham are great in face of goal while Newcastle are quite good in defense so it will be about the team taking their opportunities seriously.

Liverpool vs Brighton

Liverpool needs to get back on track but Brighton doesn't seem to be the perfect team to get over with so easily.

Brighton is a tough side and I don't think it will be easy for Liverpool with their current form but looking at things from the angle that Graham Potters is no longer with the club might reflect in Brighton's performance.

Liverpool might go all out and get all three points from the match at Anfield and if I will be staking my money on either of the team, it will definitely be on Jurgen Klopp and his boys. Liverpool have some player who returned from injury and they will be a huge boost to the club.

Southampton vs Everton

It would be hard to predict the outcome of this encounter, the two teams have been quite unimpressive this season, and their position on the league table is enough to prove how much their performance have degraded between 2020 and 2022.

They are both sitting next to each other on the league table with equal points and negative goal differences. The match might turn out to be a great game but my expectations of it are very low. I would advise bet lovers to avoid this game, nothing is certain about it.

Westham United vs Wolverhampton

These are other teams that haven't matched their reputation this season, Westham's participation in the Uefa competition has affected their Premier League performance really badly.

I wonder if they don't know what keeping their place in the Premier League means, there is no Uefa qualification without staying among the top seven clubs in the Premier League since there is no assurance of them winning the competition.

The two teams have nothing incredible to talk about so far this season and I hope they turn a new leaf with the league resumption. Westham could probably be stealing the show tomorrow because they have the home advantage to themselves and Wolves ain't that great as well.

Leeds United vs Aston Villa

Leeds happens to be one team I love but injuries keep clipping their wings every season. They started the season so brightly but Moreno's injuries seem to be a huge blow for them.

They have been struggling since he picked up an injury and I don't know how long it will take for him to recover.

Aston Villa hit the bottom rock, they barely survived relegation last season and it looks like they will be struggling with relegation again this season. Aston Villa might seize the opportunity to get a victory but Leeds won't go down without a fight.

Leicester City vs Nottingham Forest

It will be a mistake to write Leicester City off because of their terrible performance so far this season m. They are currently sitting at the bottom of the table but all that can change after their fixture against Nottingham Forest.

The game with be played at a fast pace and I expect lots of goals from both sides. Nottingham Forest has been quite impressive since their return to the league but they should be too hopeful against Leicester City. The team might be struggling but they have got the experience to teach the Premier League returnee a lesson.

The lead image was designed by @PVMihalache

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1 year ago


I'm an Arsenal fan and the boys made me happy this weekend. Thrashing our greatest rivals at home. Even their fans were forced to leave the stadium, especially Royal's red card and the third goal. The rest clubs also put in good performances. But the scoreline I didn't see coming was the Manchester derby. Man Utd's defense has been solid in recent games, but I guess they weren't as solid as I thought.

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1 year ago

The match I'm looking forward to this weekend is the North London Derby, though I might watch the Manchester Derby too. I hope Arsenal takes all points.

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1 year ago

You must be an Arsenal fan, I want to see Arsenal and Manchester United take all three points tonight.

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1 year ago

Yes 🙂 Arsenal has lost only once in more than 20 at home against Spurs. So I expect them to at least get a point from today's match.

From an Arsenal fan perspective, I want Man Utd to at least get a draw from the Manchester Derby. This is not out of fondness but the points. Man City is just a point behind Arsenal, there is a need for an increase in the gap to accommodate any slip-up from the gunners.

In the end, regardless of who wins, I just want them all to put in a good show that will be worth my time.

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1 year ago

Great games this weekend and I hope Manchester United win again City... I want that bragging rights this weekend hahaha. Arsenal v's a tough one to choose...but I have a feeling Tottenham would edge it.

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1 year ago

Arsenal and Tottenham have always held their home seriously and Arsenal could win with a slim chance.

I really want Manchester United to win, it's been a while against Manchester City.

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1 year ago

Arsenal came through... They dealt with Tottenham and I sincerely hope and pray that Manchester United wins o. It's been a while.

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1 year ago

Such a slick layout! I like it!

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1 year ago

Thanks for the compliment, I am glad you liked it

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1 year ago