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A movie for Bitcoin Cash.

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4 months ago

We could hear the drums of war far away but they were getting closer every day, the citizens of Muldib dare not to sleep with their both eyes closed. Despite the pain and suffering in the country, the government didn't see any reason to act since they were doing great with their families.

A resistance was forming against the government and the government wouldn't give the smallest of space for the resistance to penetrate power, roadblocks and soldiers were everywhere in the corners of the street, the government placed curfew at any slight information of a protest or anything that has to do with people gathering to demand a solution to the problems of the country.

I stopped watching the news to reduce the level of pressure things happening were putting on me, is it a crime to entrust the administration of the country into the hands of people who we thought would lead us well?

It all started with unemployment, there were graduates everywhere without a job. We thought handiwork would help and people decided to empower themselves with something that can help them survive and gradually everywhere was filled with people with almost the same profession, survival became a tough thing again.

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The government kept securing loans that ended up making us lose most of our giant revenue source and it boosted the weight of inflation, things went worse in a short time, and our currency went from fairly good to worse, it is currently as worthless as a blank paper.

The flames of war are gradually becoming a fire, the government took some terrible measures which include restricting people from traveling at ease and the worst part of it was reducing the maximum daily withdrawal to almost nothing because the money won't even feed a family of three twice a day.

The people had their funds stuck in the bank, companies who refuse to pay their staff's salaries to the banks were called for questioning and issued a warning because the government was closing the gap to freedom. All the problems combined caused the resistance to rise but they are still overpowered because people are scared to join having it at the back of their mind they might lose their life.

Everyone kept enduring the pain even though it is unbearable but they lived by the saying that "when there is life, there is hope", so only a few risked their lives to fight for the change.

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As if that wasn't enough, the government placed a ban on citizen's engagement online because people were exposing the things the government was doing and it was drawing International attention.

We were counting on the fact that the government will pass and we will vote for a new leader who will make things easier but what is the assurance that our vote will count?

Things went on but we noticed some changes in the government style, the ban on importation was lifted, and things started getting cheap. The ban on the bank's daily withdrawal was taken off and people had access to their money, we thought things were fine now but on the second thought, we knew it was done for the election campaign. They wanted to trick the citizens into voting for them again and it is sad to know that some people will at the expense of the next four years in hardship.

People needed a permanent solution and it would start with finding a way to secure their money from the banks and government. The resistance took the task up and started doing different research which they finally found something, it existed a long time ago but they turned it down because more than 9o% of the citizens thought it was a scam.

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They had limited time to convince the people into securing their money with cryptocurrency and the race started with Bitcoin, it looked promising and people were beginning to accept it but encountered a problem when it was time to spend it, they lost a lot to transaction fee and the people dumbed the idea, some stated that they would prefer to have their money in the bank compared to cryptocurrency.

They tried several other coins but didn't work out, they either faced high transaction fees, delays in the transaction time, and others. The people gave up on the resistance idea and started planning on how to survive another four years of suffering. Some planned to keep their money in the hole like in the olden days but that doesn't preserve the value of the money against Inflation.

They were at the brink of giving up when some youths reached out to the resistance about something that could change their lives forever, they called themselves the Muldibians BitcoinCash group.

Isn't this a scheme from the government, to steal our money? The elders pondered over their proposal for days and finally allowed them to meet, they didn't believe that there could be a coin that can correct the flaws and incompetency of other coins.

The Bitcoin Cash group met and told them about BCH, they were surprised and still didn't believe it, the group told them about the BCH ecosystem. The platforms in the ecosystem will allow them to earn BCH for free and use it among themselves meaning they have to adopt it as a means of payment by their merchants.

The resistance had no choice and tried it out, the citizens took it up and earned lots of Bitcoin Cash, merchants were eager to accept it as a means of payment and they started seeing changes in their financial system. The banks noticed the reduction in their daily transactions but had no power over the citizen's crypto wallets, the country was turning green, the experience was awesome with BCH. You pay almost nothing for transactions and receive payment on the go, BCH was just so irresistible to them.

They found the permanent solution and spread the words across the states to every corner of the streets, having so much power with Bitcoin Cash gave the citizens hope and an edge over the government. They knew they can choose to do whatever they wanted, the election came and the people's choice won.

Their new leader has experienced the wonders of Bitcoin Cash firsthand so he declared BCH a legal tender in the country and that boosted their fight against inflation. They were able to protect the value of their money, both young and old started earning through blogging and vlogging, almost every youth became a trader since the BCH group took up the task to educate people about trading.

Muldib returned to its glory days again, and the citizens became happy but this time, it is a forever thing. People who have been restricted in their countries from using crypto for peer-to-peer transactions started migrating and it boosted the country's economy. Countries with the same crisis started following the lead of Muldib and soon the good news of how Bitcoin Cash changed people's lives spread even to other planets.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I wrote this since it is the weekend already and the weekend is for fun so enjoy.

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Thanks for reading

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Written by   373
4 months ago
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This story is interesting by revealing real life. the battle in the turmoil of human life which is regulated by government authorities who are so harsh and do not have a high social life and finally the way out is taken by adopting bitcoin cash to be able to get a life that can support their lives. when real money is a problem in this country. true friend you gave the right theme, it's like a movie.

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4 months ago

This speaks so much like what is happening in Nigeria and of course what is going to happen in Nigeria in the future, the world centers on Nigeria in the whole of Africa

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4 months ago

This is a lot to take in. All I can add is that there is only one thing can bring us to freedom- the mass adoption of BCH.

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4 months ago