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Be useful not to be wasteful

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3 months ago

Work hard now that is day time to avoid regrets in the night time, for the night comes where no man can work again.

work hard today to avoid regrets tomorrow because each day carries their own target.

When I was a little boy my father used to tell me that I should not miss any of my time that time waits for no one and that there are time for everything to be done, he I told me I should not waste any opportunity in my life because I might not have the time again, it is said that it is good to work hard in the daytime to avoid regret in the nighttime and I shouldn't be mixing up time, they are works to be done in the daytime and they are works to be done in the nighttime that I shouldn't use what I supposed to be doing in the daytime against the nighttime.

It is very good to be useful now to avoid being useless in the future, they are works needed to be done at 20s to avoid regrets in the 40s they are strengths required at 20s and they're strength required at 40s and 50s, the strength in 20s can not be the same with that of 40s and 50s, so if we miss out what we supposed to do at our young age of 20s I don't think they'll be enough strength for us to go out for such again at our age 50s, as we know strength comes according to our age, and they are some certain age we lack enough strength.

I read a book some years back that got me inspired and the book author titled it "youthful to be useful" and in his writings he was able to explain what supposed to be done by a youth and what supposed to be done by an adult, he make some explanations that it is not good for a youth to be lazy or to be idle, he said that is not good for a youth to stay without doing anything, he said that a young person that is sleeping in the daytime when their mate are working out there trying to figure out their future, and he is sleeping will experience failure in the future.

They are strength in youthful age than in adult age, there are things that can be done by a youth which cannot be compared with an adult because much of the violence now across the world are done by the youths, they are jobs done by the young people, we have works in different categories, it is possible for a young person of 20 to 30 years to cover a distance run of 100meters in up to 10-20 seconds which a person of 50 - 60 cannot do such and even if he does the time taken by an adult will not will not be the same with that of a youth.

We know it rightly even without anybody telling us, that the most of the robbery and other criminal cases are being done by the youth, there is no adult who's 50 - 90 years that will stand on the street and points a gun at someone demanding for money, or going to the bank to bring out some money, all these things are done by youth because they have enough strength in them, they go with confidence because they have strength in the sense that anything that comes their way they can easily retardate and overcome any challenges that will happen on their way.

But the adults people cannot do such and if they do they will only contribute by giving advice to the young ones but them themselve they will not go because they know they don't have enough strength in them and all these things are really what is happening in our society today and in our world as a whole.

It's good for us the youth to use our time wisely to avoid being useless tomorrow, we shouldn't allow our future to be used by any adult person in the name of money or anything, we shouldn't use the money aspect and destroy our brighter future, our future is very bright and it will come true if we avoid being bribe with money by the adult to do what we wouldn't suppose to do, it will come if we keep laziness aside and work hard out for success. They are some certain things needed to be done in our early life as a youths to avoid regrets tomorrow and if only time will permit me.

  • Bring out good plans rather than hoping, it's good to plan your life ahead rather than hoping for it, hoping is just like having faith how will you hope for something that you haven't plan?, And we know if we keep on hoping it definitely fail us on the on the way, it's said faith without work is totally death.

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  • Stop looking for shortcut formula, anything shortcut will only shorten our lives, it's good to be focus on our target and stop looking for short secret because if we don't succeed immediately we will likely to give up because the success we expected hasn't come quickly.

  • Convert advice into actions, they're advice giving to us by the most prominent people, but this advice will not be useful to us if we don't turn them into actions, remember in sir Newton's law that an object will continue to be at it's point of rest until it's acted by a force, and that is the same thing with advice, advice will still be useless until we put it into actions that is when it will become useful to us.

  • Learn to stick with the process, anything worthwhile takes time, we should learn to be patient in the process, even ATM in banks will not just bring out money once you inserts your smart card, you have to go through some procedure before you can get your money, as we all know before everything it will tell you " please wait while processing" so in anything we have to stick with the process if we must need a successful result.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   51
3 months ago
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