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Project management and how to plan your project.

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Project is a planned or specific Assignment or task.

Project management is the application of knowledge skills,tools,&Techniques to project activities to achieve project requirements. The first role of project management is that people who will do the work plan it. In life people's should be planning how to build their project.without being planning nothing Will b out from you. if you are not well planned that's means everything will be a failure to you . Being planned is one of the most important and number one thing in human being will first think of before proceeding any projects. Sometimes people said education is more important than Money...lf u are an educated person planning will not b a failure to u but lf u are not an educated person things like project management and planning will not be part of ur schedule in life.

TThe project management all the way

Stages or steps of project management

Planning,initiation,execution, monitoring &Control, Closing or enending. Stages of project management was brought in PMBOK which means: project management Body of knowledge.

In project management there are four major project constaint which are: scope Time,cost,performance i.e F.C.P.T.S

A mistake made by in experienced manager is to plan the project for the team. As a manager you can think of everything. Every project begins as a concept (idea) which always fussy.A person job could be called a project.

Project planning is one of the most thing that will help you to achieve in life.start now to Planned your dream and your future.

sstages of the planning project

In a process like this There are three components to plan in life no matter how possible it is, i strategy ii Tactis iii Logistics. If you want to plan the project the first Thing will come up in your mind is to know what must be done,who will do it,how will it be done, why must it be done, how much will it cost,what do we need to do the job. When we talk about project management many project managers who have strong technical background, find it difficult to deal with people effectively because they are things oriented not people oriented.

Every project produces a products service or results because of the complensity of managing a projects .there is a need to have a project management. Project managers who must managed the project and handle Technical issues must be set up from the beinging for the project. The primary responsibility of project is to ensure that all work is completed on time within the budget and scope at the collected performance level.

Furthermore,many projects managers who have strong technical background find it difficult to deal with people like l said before they are things oriented not people oriented.

planning is the most important thing in life

Without planning, your project will fail.

Thank u all .........for reading my Article

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Written by   6
3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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