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How to plan your life goals and achieve them Successfully.

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4 weeks ago

Where do you want to be five years from now, Ten years from now, or even this time next year? These places are your goal destination and although you might know to be standing still in the Same place as you are now,it's not always easy to identify what your real goals are. Many people think that setting a goal destination is having a dream that is there in the far distant future but will never need be attained. This proves to be a self fulfilling prophesy because of two things;

Firstly, that the goal is not specifically defined enough in the first place, and secondly,it remains a remote dream waiting for action which is never taken.

Defining your goal destination is something that you can need to take some time to think carefully about. The following steps on how to plan your life goals should get you started on a journey to your destination.

Make a list of your goal destination, think about the time frame to have the goal accomplished,write down your goals clearly, schedule your To_Do,write down what you need to do for each goals,Review your progress, write down your time frame with specific and Realistic dates.

At the beginning of every year, many of us create new year's resolution.we think about what we did or didn't accomplish last year,and create new hopes and dreams for the coming year. Unfortunately,not every one knows the difference between a resolution and a goal and few people understand how to set goals and achieve them successfully. In my own understanding only 8.3% of all people ever feel that they are successfully in achieving their new year's resolution and few give up after the first month.But there is a way................

If you're looking to save money this year or achieve some level of self improvement, like so many of us are, we can turn those resolution into goals and achieve them successfully. A goal can be a lot of different things. But what a goal is not a dream or a hope. I dream of owning my own house. l Hope to take better care of my health. Those are great and adimable dreams, but they are not goals. A goal is specific. it's measurable. Reframing those dreams into goals look like this: l will save $40,000 in the next five years and have enough money for a down payment on a home or l will lose 10 pounds in the next 3 months. For something to truly be a goal, you need to know when you get there,when you reach it. Those are the kinds of goals that set up for success.

This is how u will start setting a goal: dream big but start small. One for the best way to set a goal is to pick a small, tangible milestone. Dream big but start small with a goal of reaching one realistic step that will take you closer. Setting an actual goal should be small and tangible. Once you hit the first one, you can set another goal that brings you further down the path to your dream.

How to achieve your goals

  • Take your scary thoughts: your goal is scary. You doubt yourself, you don't know if you can do've tried before and failed. Also, what lf it get uncomfortable? What if you have to do things you 've never done before? Be realistic about what is going on in your mind. When you sit down to create your goal,also write down your scary thoughts. Take a look at them,and pick one, tiny realistic throughout that will help you reframe what that negative voice is telling you.

  • Break down all the steps to get there

  • Ask yourself: what will you do when life gets in the way

  • Reward yourself for your efforts

  • Don't Beat yourself up lf you " fall off the wagon" a few times.


    This is how l will start achieving my goals gradually gradually.....don't rush things in life have promised myself dat l will not rest till l reach my destination which am already processing it. Remember dream big but start small...........

    Thank u all my lovely ones............Enjoy My Article and benefit from it also.



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Written by   6
4 weeks ago
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Is very interesting article, just keep it up. You can also write very well. Good one dear.

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4 weeks ago

Thank u so highly impressed.

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