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GP Statement on CHIP "Request Update to the Unconfirmed-Transaction Chain Limit"

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Summary Statement

GP is supportive of the premise of the CHIP. In order for GP to have confidence that the CHIP is worth investing resources into, we would require it to have a more explicit owner who takes on some accountability for the eventual outcome, and a more complete description of the costs, risks and benefits of the various options. As one example, CPFP is objectively still used, and misaligned changes could lead to fragmented mempools, degraded 0-conf reliability, and ultimately damage BCH utility and value. More generally, since this is not a consensus change, it may also be a good idea to add discussion about what safe cooperation looks like. In an effort to be constructive, GP created this template as an example of how to fit these concerns into a CHIP.

GP looks forward to providing more specific feedback and support as the CHIP evolves.

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Written by   244
4 days ago
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