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Flipstarter is an open-source crowdfunding tool built on Bitcoin Cash.

Created in 2020, the tool works in a trustless, non-custodian manner to allow any fundraiser to create a campaign, and begin crowdfunding permissionlessly.

Being non-custodial, there are no third parties controlling the funds at any stage during the campaign. This allows those pledging money (donors) to make commitments to fund the campaign whilst retaining control of the funds until the campaign target is reached. The fundraiser sets the campaign goal, and once enough pledges are obtained to reach the goal, the funds are transferred to the fundraiser seamlessly in Bitcoin Cash without the need for further action from the donors. This is in contrast to other popular fiat-based crowdfunding sites that have stricter terms and conditions imposed.

Since Flipstarter began, it has launched hundreds of projects and campaigns, ranging from non-profit organizations to large-scale Bitcoin Cash development projects. To date, Flipstarter has raised over 12500Bch (approximately $5 million USD in value at the time of fundraising) for projects all over the world.

Want to learn more? Follow these links:

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