Revolutionary Cancer Breakthroughs: Paving The Way To Effective Treatments

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Indubitably, cancer is a pressing global health challenge, with its incidence and mortality rates soaring year in and year out. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the number one killer of American women. Daily in America, almost seventeen hundred people fall victim to different forms of cancer. Scientists expect it to become the number one cause of death in Western society by 2030. Hazardous treatments, such as chemotherapy and calculated poisonings, are gradually replaced as our understanding of cancer shifts.

We've desperately needed someone to spark a radical paradigm change, and that's precisely what Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of biology, genetics, and biochemistry, has made possible. He has provided undeniable evidence for the hypothesis of cancer as a mitochondrial metabolic disease. His work has upended the conventional wisdom on cancer, disputing a previously shared belief of the Scientific Societies that cancer is a genetic disease.

His groundbreaking findings were expounded in a riveting interview with the esteemed Ken Berry, MD, a well-known opponent of the epidemics of hyperinsulinemia, diabetes, and obesity currently hurting our world. In this interview, Dr. Seyfried shed light on the intricate interplay between glucose and cancer, highlighting the central role of glucose metabolism in driving cancer growth and progression. Through his pioneering research, Dr. Seyfried has changed our approach to cancer treatment and prevention and paved the way for the development of innovative therapies that target cancer metabolism, offering hope to millions of cancer patients worldwide.

Before we delve into the interview itself, let me share a map by Our World In Data:

Africans and Indians prove living in inhumane conditions poses a lesser threat to overall well-being than sugar and other drugs we are exposed to. I just wanted to settle with proponents of the "we need everything in moderation" hypothesis.

Alright, here is the interview:

I'll take you through the principal points of this interview:

Above all, we've learned that cancer is not genetic but a mitochondrial metabolic disease caused by the disruption of respiration within the cell. Despite overwhelming evidence backing the "No sugar, no cancer" hypothesis, giants of the pharmaceutical industry are bracing for a trillion-dollar industry (11:18). They have trillion reasons to keep pushing for a "genetic disease" narrative. As Dr. Seyfriend stated, the change is going to have to come from the people themselves.

(12:57) Cancer cells cannot live without fermentation metabolism. In other words, they can live without oxygen.

Q: What do you need to drive the ancient fermentation pathway?
A: The sugar glucose and the amino acid glutamine.

"We interrogated the cells. We went through every kind of food that they could eat, and we couldn't find anything other than these two fuels." - Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Therefore, we may starve the tumor cells by transitioning the whole body to ketones and fatty acids that the tumor cells can't use for energy.

"When we test that on the pre-clinical system, we kill cancer." - Dr. Thomas Seyfried (13:35)

It should come as no surprise that prominent names in the pharmaceutical and food industries resort to hiring individuals to spread disinformation and infiltrate various corners of the online community. These nefarious actors aim to sow doubt and confusion, attempting to discredit the unequivocal truths, threatening their profit-driven agendas. Their underhanded tactics are a stark reminder of the lengths to which some will go to protect their financial interests, even at the expense of public health and safety.

Dr. Seyfried's answer to "cancer can grow on keto" individuals: we've been busting our ass, trying to find a tumor cell that can live on fatty acids and ketones. Nobody has shown me a cell that can live on fatty acids and ketones without glucose and glutamine. (1:14:25)

Please, remember that the entire Western food industry is based on sugar.

"Where the hell did all this cancer come from? Eating red meat? No, it didn't come from eating red meat. It came from eating highly-processed carbohydrates. That's the origin of cancer." - Dr. Thomas Seyfried (30:30)

Big Sister Is Watching You

While there are many pivotal points throughout the interview, it is critical not to overlook a crucial segment between the 14th and 15th-minute marks. During this portion, Ken cleverly mocks the "conspiracy theorists" as a means of evading the watchful eye of government censorship. This subtle yet brilliant tactic is a poignant reminder of the importance of critically analyzing information and avoiding blind acceptance of official narratives.

The ban on Laetrile, also known as amygdalin or vitamin B17, in the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union, despite its proven anti-cancer properties, raises questions about the interests and motives of the governments involved. Dr. Royal Rife's story is a cautionary tale of how innovative and successful medical treatments can be met with suppression and persecution by authorities. History testifies the war on scientists who have discovered effective means to treat deadly diseases. The astute viewer should pay attention to the subtle hints and allusions made in this interview, which suggest that the scientific community has been subject to censorship and discrimination, especially when disseminating information about cancer cures. This crucial point should not be overlooked, as it answers a common question, "Why the cure for cancer has not yet been widely publicized?"

"I get a lot of positive feedback from physicians that have retired. They say: I know you're right a hundred percent, but when I was working, I couldn't say anything about it. They can lose their licenses for stepping off the path." - Dr. Thomas Seyfried (26:30)

"What Can I Do About This?"

You can take a holistic approach. I advise incorporating physical and mental training, fasting, and a ketogenic (or carnivore) diet into daily habits. Critical thinking and conducting comprehensive research and study before adopting any beliefs and practices is essential as the current socioeconomic system is designed to prioritize the interests of the financial elite, thus, impacting all aspects of our daily life, including healthcare. Remain vibrant, vigilant, and healthy. I salute you.

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Just remembered to add about the tales of how the Anti-helminths seem to stifle cancer. Currently trying a pleasant daily cocktail of Nigella Sativa (in oatmeal)+ FENBENDAZOLE (with cheese). Should know in a few weeks if it helps.

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