Writing Prompt #2: Reflecting Eudora's line in MLBB

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02-28-2022 | Gemini

Mobile Legend- Eudora's line (Author's Favorite)

While playing Mobile Legends using Eudora on classic game, I listened carefully to Eudora's line and I've come to realized to make reflection from it and relate it to myself. Eudora's line, are like a sharpened sword that really hits me inside, because most of her line really touched me.

Without further ado, let's begin.

"You should be ashamed for not trusting yourself."

I doubted myself on everything. I am thinking that I am not capable to do something different in my life. I don't know why, but until now I can't avoid myself to doubt my capability.

For example in dancing, some people say I'm good at it, but still I am confused if I should believe them or not? I don't trust my capability because I think, I can't be someone who's good in dance floor. If only I can be good enough, and if only I have confidence in me.

In singing, I don't know if I am good at it, maybe I can sing but cannot sing very well? I was once a member of our church before, and I am appointed to be the song leader every "Praise and Worship". Yes it is a great and fulfilling moment of my life, however when I look to the eyes of other people of my churchmate, it's like saying that I am not good in leading the choruses. Maybe, I do overthink? or it's true that I am not really good at it?

In writing, I don't know if I have the competence but I think, I don't have the skills and competency in writing any document or articles. (Even the writings I posted here in read.cash, I still doubt it). I don't think that I am good in writing because I don't have enough skills and passion to it. I just try this site, to test and enhance my grammar and seek for development.

I envy other people whose good in writing any articles, journals, and even a documentary reports. I hope, I can write something like how they did it.

I'm really ashamed of myself, because I can't even trust my capabilities, I doubted my skills and talents I have because I always think about what other people are thinking.

"The more your fear grows, the smaller you become."

I am afraid to take single actions everyday. Because I am afraid that other people will judge me from being incompetent in doing such things. I'm afraid to commit mistakes. I am always afraid to be judge by other people about my sexuality. I can't express myself to the extent that I can have a great happiness that I am always searching for.

I am afraid to take examinations, quizzes or oral recitation. I am afraid that other people will look down on me if I get low score or grades. I am afraid to be fail, because I don't want to hear hurtful words from my family. I don't want to hear and see them to regret that they let me to continue studying instead of looking for a job.

I am afraid to be alone, but I always choose to. Yes it is my fault, it was my choice but then, it kinda hurt me because I don't know whom I'm going to talk to if I need someone to lean on, to cry on because it's like I don't have people who will really care to listen. I do have friends, a good friends indeed, but still they have their own lives and problems as well, and I really don't want to bother them anyway.

"To change the world, start by changing yourself."

It is a note to myself that I have to surpass, I know it is now the time, but not yet the courage. I still don't have enough courage and trust in myself that I can be someone that other people will look up to. I am still in cage, thinking that I'm still weak.

I know we have different experiences and encounters everyday, but I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for spending time to finish reading this.

That's all for today, I just wrote what I am thinking right now and I don't know if you will understand me and my writings. I know I am not good at it and competent as well. I hope you will give me some advises and recommendation that will really help me to eradicate this feeling of not trusting myself.

I hope you had a great day today and God bless you read.cash family.



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Eudora is one of my favorite mage hero haha.

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1 year ago

Woaaahh, that's great, I really love her too because he can surely kill an enemy.

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1 year ago

Letting the fear grow within yourself, slowly it will eat up your whole system and that will be the one to control you so if you have it right now, try overcoming it and gain back your self confidence. It ain't easy but i know you can do it. Believe in yourself that you can do it and you will. Just have to faith in God and in yourself too and everything will be okay

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1 year ago