Suffering from Hypokalemia

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02-26-2022 | Gemini

Hi family, I hope you're doing well today. Let me share to you the illness that affects me to do things I like and I love, such as dancing and more.

I have a history of a disease that attacks me when I am exhausted or tired. Now, I will going to share to you what kind of disease that I always experience often times. The HYPOKALEMIA.

What does Hypokalemia means?

If you have hypokalemia, that means you have low levels of potassium in your blood. Potassium is a mineral your body needs to work normally. It helps muscles to move, cells to get the nutrients they need, and nerves to send their signals. It’s especially important for cells in your heart. It also helps keep your blood pressure from getting too high.


The first attack of my hypokalemia was during my Senior High School years, in Grade 12. Maybe because I was exhausted from practicing cheerdancing and hip hop for the competition. During that time I was one of the committee in our Dance Troupe. After the competition, 3 days after my body get numbs and I can't even feel my bones, unabling me to move, walk, or even stand on my own. Then 4 days after, we went nearby clinic, and I was diagnosed to hypokalemia and the doctor prescribed supplements to me that helps me to recover immediately.

What are the causes of hypokalemia?

There are many different reasons you could have low potassium levels. It may be because too much potassium is leaving through your digestive tract. It’s usually a symptom of another problem.


Most commonly, you get hypokalemia when:

  • You vomit a lot

It is true that, when you vomit a lot it can cause or triggers hypokalemia because you will release some of the potassium inside your body through vomiting.

  • You have diarrhea

I have a bowel movement that might be cause of too much coffee intake and it triggers diarrhea. When we have a bowel movement, lots of potassium are release from the body.

  • Your kidneys or adrenal glands don’t work well.

The moment I am diagnosed with hypokalemia, it keeps me too pee often times, unlike before that I can still manage to stop myself to pee but now, I can't stop it anymore. When I feel to pee, I really need to pee, unless if I wanted to pee on my pants, though (HAHAHA).

The History of Hypokalemia attacks:

  • First attack of my hypokalemia way back 2018 during my 12th Grade in Senior High School. I already stated the possible reason why it triggered.

  • Second attack was in year 2019 during my 2nd year in college, I wasn't able to move my body again. Stress from study and over-worked (During my 2nd year in college, I am a working student in the morning, then I went to school in the afteenoon). Being a worker in a Japanese training center, I have a lot of tasks to do and to finish on time. One of the reason why I am exhausted already when I go to school.

  • Third attack was in year 2021, in my 3rd year in college, that time I can't remind the exact date but I went for a jogging in morning, then on the next day, I cannot move my feet because it numbs. Even when you pinch or bite my skin, I won't feel any pain. (That's how hypokalemia works).


During the first attack, we though that it is just a simple "pamaol" (muscle pain), but it happens that it is already 3 days and I can't still move. My family, decided to bring me to the nearby clinic and the doctor test my blood and my urine.

After the doctor examine the specimen, she concluded that I have a low level of potassium and it is called "Hypokalemia". The doctor prescribed me a meds that helps me to recover immediately, however she said that I shouldn't take too much of it if I can move already my body. She said that, the medicine that she prescribed to me can help me to treat hypokalemia for the specific period of days she given, but it can also kill a person when it is in-take without testing the blood and the urine again for checking of the potassium level.

She always advised me and my other neighbors as well that I need to eat a lot of banana. Because it said that banana contains a lot of potassium.

However, I forgot the name of the medicine she prescribed to me because I just in-take it during the first attack of my Hypokalemia. On the second and third attack, I did not went again to clinic for testing of my urine and blood because I already know it.

I do have a lot of things to avoid and food to intake less. Such as stress, overworking, and even overexercise because I consider Hypokalemia as a betrayer disease. A little advise, always stay healthy and avoid being stressed to things, and have enough of sleeps. Don't over do everything, knows when to work and when to rest.

Thats all for today and have a good day everyone. Keep safe and always be safe.



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Hala kakuyaw d i ana no? Karon ra ko kabalo ani nga sakit. Kinahanglan jud d i nga ang Atong lawas Dili baba ang counts sa potassium. Thanks for sharing ani, kailangan ma aware ko sa health sa akong mga anak. Kailangan pakan on ug mga rich in potassium ang akong mga bata para di magkaproblema Puhon. Healthy lifestyle na din para iwas sakit.

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1 year ago

Yes te, traydor baya ni nga sakit labaw nag hago kaayp imohang tibuok lawas, maong paea sa mga anak nimo te, pakan.a jud na sila ug mga naay potassium, tas dapat enough sleeps sila taga gabie, bawal magpulaw ug straight ug maayo kay maka drain pod daw ug potassium. Stay healthy mo sa mga anak nimo te. Amping mo kanunay.😊

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1 year ago

Aw hala Mao? Salamat sa information ha, kailangan jud d i mag amping na kaayo ka sa imo lawas. Lisoda d i ana nga sakit, anytime pwede d i na siya muataki. Amping pud permi Gemini07, ayaw pakapoy permi

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1 year ago

Mushrooms also had a high level of potassium versus the banana, oyster mushroom as a meat substitute. You should also take a look at that information it might help you.

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for that wonderful information, it will really help me a lot. Thank you so much po 😊❤️

Hoping that someday, this disease will not appear or happen anymore. ❤️

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1 year ago