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Travelling The World With Free Airplane Rides

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4 months ago

It had been raining continuously for days now, and even though I am stuck in the house, I have enjoyed the cold ambience that comes with the rain.

Got these questions reading Kushyzee's Choose one: lots of money or good health? and decided to write my version of it.

City or countryside?

Oopsie. In all honesty, if I was a rich man, I will pick the countryside, for the peace and quiet and closeness to nature. But truth is that the city is a good environment for work and also for businesses to thrive and succeed because of the population. But with this population comes high pollution. I am stuck in between if I am being honest, and what I choose depends on the stage I am in my life. I do hope to have a country house where I'd live in my old age.

Good health or lots of money?

Hahaha. Tricky eh, but what's a lot of money without good health? I'd lick good health for the reason being that as long as I am healthy, I can earn money. But since having lots of money doesn't guarantee good health, then it is not worth it. I believe the choice is a easy one.

Live with your parents or grandparents?

Hehe. I have always lived with my parents and visited my grandmas. Never really knew my grandpas, as they are both dead. One thing I know my grandmothers have in common is their habit of feeding me anytime I see them. It has been years I saw my grandmas (about 8 years now). I remember the last time I saw my paternal grandma and the tight hug she gave me. Hehe. Hopefully, I can see them soon. Anyway, I will choose to stay with my parents and visit my grandparents from time to time.

Club or house party?

I have never been to a club, but I have been to a handful of house parties. Not that I am much of a party person, I honestly mostly fail to see the point of it most times. I'd choose a house party over a club. I think a club may be stuffy sort of and I definitely am not a fan of loud music too.

Swimming or yoga?

😂 Never done yoga, at least not intentionally. I can say that I enjoy swimming. There is something refreshing about being in water, all its coolness and floating weightlessly in it. Not to mention, it is good for the heart. So, yeah, swimming over yoga every day.

Free plane rides or free Uber rides?

Haha. I had said before that one of my life goals is travelling the world. I also said that travelling is expensive, and removing the cost of flight tickets will reduce the expenses significantly. Uber rides are not as expensive, and it is not like I move about a lot. So, I'd definitely choose free plane rides so I can travel the world.

Cleaning or cooking?

Haha. I prefer cleaving to cooking, especially when it has to do with the cleaning the house. Cooking is something I feel everyone should know how to do, as food is a necessity for every one. So, we should be able to nourish ourselves. But I have always had the problem of not having appetite for food I cooked myself, so I would instead prefer cleaning.

Good at sports or music?

Hahaha. Definitely sports, football to be specific. I do like music, but I like sports more. Therefore, I will prefer to be good at what I like more. So, Sports it is. I am not exactly bad at football, I played a lot of football growing up. I also know a lot of music lyrics. But, I'd rathe rbe good at sports than be good at music.

Late by an hour or early by 30 minutes?

😂😂😂 Okay, even though I want to be late, an hour is too much, isn't it? I'd prefer to be 30mins early, I can just keep myself busy on my phone while I wait or interact with other early comers. So, I guess you know what my choice is.

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Written by   24
4 months ago
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I will always choose good health because one can make a lot of money when you have a good health.

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4 months ago