The norms of the day

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"Money is everything my guy,if you don't have this money,am sorry for you oo"- Boy A said to his friend

" I know,but how do i go about having this money you are talking about,you knw am just 16 year old,I have not started working"- Boy B replied

"Ohhh,so you mean you don't know what your mate are doing to get money nowadays,hahaha"- Boy A burst into laughter

" I don't know,you can help me with it"- Boy B replied with worries

" yahoo yahoo is what is trending now,are you interested?"- Boy A asked

Do we all understand the conversation between the two boys ? So let's begin

I don't know if it was our brought up foundations that has fault or the type of circle of friends we keep or the environment we found ourselves or the social media impact that has led to the attitude everyone of us possessed. This has been ringing in my mind for years ever since I got to know what's right and bad that is; since I became matured.

What do I refer to as norms?

The word norms is that which is regarded as normal or typical. The word normal means adhering to or being what is considered as natural or regular in a particular context or field. It is so painful that what we call normal nowadays is not natural,is only base on our own selfish will that makes us to call it norms. It is now regular in our sight as if it is what is expected of us.

I will from the grassroots which is from our " various homes " down to the least which is the " government ".

Norms in our homes

Many parents are the ones responsible for the misfortune of their ward/ children. Many parent doesn't care about their children at all,they think after giving the child money for food and send them to school,nothing else again which is very wrong. Let me use my area for example,at night around 9pm,you will still see little children that are supposed to be under their parent at that hour playing outside with unknown friends,in a busy street where buses and all pass by and where kidnappers can just exhibit their actions and leave. Some parent will even leave for their work since morning around 5am and come back around 9 or 10pm in the night without looking back at their children,they don't think of what their ward will eat,what they will wear,how well they are doing in school,which kind of friends they keep. All that matters to them is their work,so they just drop money for food on the table and leave,till they meet in the night again. Is not just happening in my area alone but everywhere and this has become the "the norms of the day" for us all generally. These are the reasons for hearing a lot of cases about rape,kidnapping,killings and all.

Our children lack home training,which is the job that has been neglected by most of the parent in the world and the bible says

Train up a child the way he should go,so when he is old,he will not depart from it

Whenever a child steals a something instead of the parent to rebuke the child,and tell the child the reason why he /she was rebuke,some parent wont do that instead they praise the child for the bad deed while some parent doesn't even know what they bought for their children so as to know all he/ she is suppose to possess,because they don't pay attention to their children. All thses allow the influence of peer pressure on these children and immediately peer pressure is involved,things start going extremely to the wrong way which can affect the bright future.

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Norms among us

I am sure you can still remember the conversation between Boy A and Boy B at the beginning of this article,I will continue from there. Due to the lack of proper upbringing from our various home is the reason for this among us. Peer pressure from friends, negative impact from social media etc.

  • Yahoo yahoo; I am sorry for the use of this word,but is the best way I can use to portray it for our easy understanding. It is a fraudulent act common among the youth of nowadays, they see it as a norms of the day which is very wrong. I was able to engage in conversation with one the people involve in this act about the reason why they tend to take it up as work for them and the reply he gave me was shocking.

He said and I quote " all these money we are collecting from the whites and all are our great grandfather's money which they collected from them during the time of slavery. He said the whites enslave our grandfather's and collected all they had then. So they are now taking revenge on them too now by taking their money from them"

I laughed when I heard this because it sounds funny to me. They are able to justify a fraudulent act,they sees it as a norms in the society,which is why they are boast of it anywhere they go. I pray the lord will receive the land.

  • Premarital sex; this is another example of the norms of the day. We no longer value that virginity that our parent put great attention and value on during their upbringing. Virginity has been lost right from small when some are even in primary school. We don't even care about it any longer. We just want to have sex to please ourselves,this is the reason for cases of unwanted pregnancy,rape,diseases from sexual intercourse,abortions that has led to death and all. All this still trace back to our home.

  • Smoking and drinking; this is also one of the norms which we find it very to die down. Everyone now smoke including Male and female. Sometimes I cried when I see a boy of 8 year old smoking and doing all sort of uncalled attitudes,it makes me weep and think of what the future has for us. All this smoking and drinking has really led to different cases. We just see a little boy that has lost his senses ( mad) because of what he is into along the street,some are into hard drugs because of their exposure to smoking and that no longer serves the purpose again so they move higher into drugs which later causes problem to them. They are always seen where riots and other kind of terrorist act are being exercised. We pray the lord touches everyone heart and change us for good.

  • Watching pornogrpahy,cheating,lieing etc are also the norms among us that we really need to look into and see the possible way out.

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Norms in government

At this point where you have really followed me to this point,I am really sure you already understand what norms are and what it can be in government. Our mind shouldn't go too far in providing the norms in government if truly we understand this article from the beginning.

"Corruptions" ; this is that one thing that is obvious in government,and it carries a lot of meaning to itself. We a know the meaning so I don't think it definition is necessary any longer. This is what our government to jeopardize the bright future of its citizens,putting them into pain,agony, suffering and trauma. They embezzled the nation money,hoard the right and privileges that the citizens are entitled to. They neglect their responsibility as a leader over the citizens,they cheat on the masses and do away with it because of the power they possess.

We are all see it as norms of the day also among us and not only the government and that's why we always say that if we are opportune to become one the politicians,that we will also embezzle money and be corrupt too.

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The examples of norms that I have mentioned so far might not be everything and I am pretty sure they are more to it but the essence of the article is to open our eyes and understanding to what we see as norms and are really wrong which I believe am able to do. A lot of norms might be going through your mind presently,is fine and am glad it is but my joy will be if we put a stop to it and change our ways. It can reshape our lives,family, community and nation as a whole.


Stop the norms and make a change for our better life.

Special thanks to my sponsors @HappyBoy and @princessbusayo for the support so far,I really appreciate it and I will never take it for granted. Your words of encouragement has really helped.

Thanks to everyone reading my articles too a s encouraging me through the comment section also,God bless us all.

Bye for now❤❤❤

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Cyber crime (yahoo yahoo) is now common among the youth. In fact parents now support their kids. As you said in your article- they justify themselves by saying they are only taking back what the white men took away from them.

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1 year ago

Very true sir,our prayers is God should revive the land

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1 year ago

Nice one bro

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1 year ago