The Minors: how they are being treated.

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I don't know what brought about this topic, but then I was glad the topic came through because it has always been in my mind not to cheat or do anything wrong to a minor. Hmmm,maybe because of the recent incident happening around us here about a popular actor which I don't have the right to mention his name is the reason why the topic came through,well I don't know.

Who are those refer to as minor?

A minor is a person who is not yet old enough to have the rights of an adult. We can also put it as a teenager who is still below the age of eighteen(18).

These people are supposed to be given proper attention, love and care from their parents,relatives,neighbours and the world at large but is a pity what the world has turned into,where they are maltreated and cheated.

Sometimes I cried whenever I see a lot of them on the street, hopeless,rejected and cheated on. Some parent don't even care about their minors,they abuse them of their right. They put market on their head to hawk for them when they are suppose to be in school, learning with their mates. The fuunisest part of it all is that those parent will send them hawking while they themselves sit back relaxing at home waiting for them to come back and spend the money from the sale they made.

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If the was not able to bring back money maybe the child lost the money or he or she was not able to make sale,the parent will still beat the child and say all sort of things that is not right to the child. All these things are what make me weep every blessed day because I really feel for them.

They don't deserve this,they deserve to be happy,they deserve the right to go to school,they deserve the right to be educated also,they don't deserve abuse of right,they don't deserve maltreatment,they don't deserve suffering.

The effect of these unfair treatments

  • Kidnapping;

We have heard several cases of kidnapping but have gone to trace down the causes of most kidnapping event events happening,No. We only hear the news and start raining curses on the kidnappers,l am not saying is not good to curse them but the parent of the minor deserve more and deserve it first. How will you leave your ward from morning till night without looking back at them,without thinking about their well being. How will you put on them the responsibility of a parent at their age by telling them to hawk and if they don't bring money home,they won't eat,why?. Why are you so wicked and cruel. The child must have hawk and get tired and is getting late but because the parent threaten them to bring back money kn their return,they tend to stay behind a little till it get darker. As a result of that,kidnappers are able to do their work. All these need to stop. I wish all the parent can have access to this article because I can't bear to see such treatment again,is heartbreaking and disheartening. It makes me shed tears whenever I see many of them in my street. I wish I had money to sponsor them to go to school or provide for their need,this is the thinking that do pop up in my heart whenever I see them.

  • Rape;

This Is another effect of these unfair treatment being shower towards our minors. Both our male and female minors are raped. It affect both gender but the female has the highest percentage. By sending our minors to hawk for us or not taking proper care towards them,expose them to lot of dangers of which rape is part of them. Do you know what this might cause, it will give an everlasting stigma,which they will never forget and will never forgive you as their parent. Please parent, let's monitor and care for ours minors, they are our future.

  • Drugs;

This is now the competitions happening among our minors today. They are now into drugs because of lack of proper monitoring from the parents. We expose them to bad friends if we fail as a parent to provide for their needs. In the act of sending them to hawk for you,they meet different people of same age and those above their age on their way which can lure them into bad things. I was in my street one day and I saw this little boy being held by his friends at both side trying to give him support to walk and balance because he is drunk and under the influence of some hardened drugs. The boy age will be at the range of 9 to 12 including those friends helping him. I was shocked that day,I couldn't close my mouth because I was surprise to see such.


There are many effects of these maltreatment of minors,I only mention the few ones that are common in our environment or let me say in my environment presently.

Causes of these maltreatment to the minors

The probable causes of all these maltreatment are

  • Poverty

  • Lack of proper monitoring

  • Lack of time

  • Placing our priorities wrongly

  • Ignorance

Poverty is the root of all this maltreatment and should be looked into closely. When you know you can't afford to send a child to school or take care of that child,why give birth in the first place? I ask again why?.

When you know your work will take your attention and time away from your child,why give birth to them when you are still doing that work?

You know you value other things than the child you give birth to,why did u give birth to the child ?

You don't know what it takes to be a parent maybe because you also weren't brought up by a caring parent or maybe you choose not to know and because of that you give birth to a child you cannot train or take good care of the child.

All these causes will eventually shoot us on leg in the nearest future. When we are suppose to sit back and relax,expecting a good feedback from our children because we could no longer work as we do before, but is that time we will be experiencing the pain,cry and agony of our past mistakes. The voice of "HAD I KNOWN" will be ringing in our mind and heart every blessed day. It can cause our early death and that will be a wasteful years spent on earth.

Regretting its actions at old age: source;

I pray we all don't regret our actions before it's too late. Maltreatment leaves an everlasting mark or sign in the heart of the minor till they die. Lets try and put effort not to create one in the heart of our minor. I hope with this article,you will make up your mind to make a change.

The minors are our future,our future leader,our mirror,our life,please let's do well to take care of them.

I remain your favourite writer @Gaftek. Do have a wonderful day and remain blessed. Love you all.

June 26th,2021

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1 year ago


The situation in this country as made everything bad. I feel for every child Hawking instead of being in school and I wonder why on Earth would a parent send her child outside where everywhere is now dangerous. People kidnapping and getting lost are so rampant but they only want them to bring home money.

These children needs education and Quality training. They can still put them into learning a trade instead of endangering their lives into the hands of kidnappers and drug dealers.

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1 year ago

Very true,I do weep sometimes when I see them on the street,is really painful. Thank u ma

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1 year ago

The situation of the country has left us in a state where we can't even make complaints when some things are wrong. Asking a minor to hawk is indeed awful. I'm so grateful my mum never put me through such ordeal, despite the fact that growing up wasn't too rosy. Most parents that ask their children to hawk do not have other options. Poverty is the major cause. I just pray for safety fir this young ones.

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1 year ago

Amen,is poverty that is the parent cause. Thanks u ma.

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1 year ago