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Strong reasons why you should consider accepting BCH in your business as a retailer

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2 months ago

Bitcoincash payment is unarguably the best payment system anyone could wish for but the problem is that, not everyone knows about it. The more people begin to know about BCH and its payment features, the more attention will be shifted towards BCH and even more businesses will adopt BCH as a payment method. The good news is that, it is already happening.

There are many businesses and retailer shops currently accepting Bitcoincash as payment and there have been testimonies of complete eradication of previous transaction problems encountered during payments when they weren't aware of BCH. Some retailers were talked into accepting BCH by their customers who use BCH and are aware of the accompanying advantages. Some found out about it online while searching for a better payment method they could adopt for their businesses.

As a customer, I have succeeded in convincing about 3 retailers into accepting Bitcoincash in their shops through my double Pay Campaign with me been the first customer to pay with BCH. It was always an honor. I have not gotten any negative feedback from them. I'm 100% sure, there could be no issue with BCH transactions.


In retailing, you deal with a lot of customers as you happen to be at the end of the business chain distributing products or services to consumers. This means that, you have to handle a lot of transactions per day. For this to be of less stress for you, you will need an efficient payment system on which you have to do less work and spend less time. Of course, you obviously need that. Since there would be other customers to do with, you wouldn't want to spend hours on one customer trying to shift maybe $10 into your account for the goods bought or the service rendered. This is why BCH is your best choice.

Problems with Cash payment

In this digital era, no one likes to carry loads of paper around anymore but aside that, there are many problems with cash payment which I'm going to try and highlight right now.

Fake bill and related fraud: a customer could easily work in with a fake dollar bill and because you have other customers to attend to, you wouldn't want to spend too much of your time trying to detect if the bill is fake. You might end up with a fake Money that may probably land you in jail.

Stress sorting for Change: A customer may buy goods that is Worth half of the note he's handing to you. Which means, you have to sort for change and settle him. That could be a lot of stress Especially when there is a queue of customers waiting to be attended to. And this is the case of slow transaction speed.

Case of theft: group of armed men could just bugle into your shop and make away with all the cash. That would be a great loss and also very detrimental to the fate of your business.

Problems with Credit/Debit card payment

Many problems are always hunting credit/debit card payment.

High transaction fee: Customers would not really appreciate it to always be charged high fees for each time they come over to pick stuffs in your shop. And the local banks are really taking advantage of the facts that, many people have fallen in love with cashless transactions, which is why they are always hiking the fee.

Slow transaction speed: You would not always have the patience to stay glued to the screen waiting for minutes or hours for a payment to arrive. It happens a lot with credit card payments and sometimes, it gets completely stuck that you have to report to the banks. It's highly disappointing and frustrating. It is also not encouraging at all for your customers.

Minimum/maximum transaction limit: there are goods which a customer would buy but can not pay with card because of the minimum or maximum transaction limit.

BCH payment as the best option

With all the disadvantages discussed above in mind, just know that BCH is here to solve your problems and get your business booming even the more.

  • With BCH, there's no issue of waiting. Transactions are usually processed within 1 to 5 seconds. That is such a top notch speed you wouldn't get anywhere.

  • With BCH, there is no issue of over-charging. The transaction fee is so small that you wouldn't even notice it (between o.oo1 and 0.002). That would be a great encouragement for customers to return back to your shop after the first trial and also come back with friends and relatives. More customers!

  • With BCH, there is no minimum or maximum transaction limit. You could send as low as $0.01 or as high as you wish.

  • With BCH, you don't have to worry about fake bills. The customer sends your money and you confirm it in your wallet immediately. No fake BCH!

  • With BCH, you don't have to worry about the guys with guns. When they enter, just let them search and take what they find so, they could spare your life. But for your seed phrase, only you know where it's hidden.

  • There would be no such thing as hanging transaction

There are many more advantages of accepting Bitcoincash for your business which even you would find out along the line.

But how can you start?

It's pretty simple.

  • Get a bitcoincash wallet which I personally recommend the wallet. Print your wallet's receiving QR code and paste it in front of the counter.

  • You should also get the "Bitcoincash accepted here" stickers and paste it at strategic places. You can order it online at affordable price or print it yourself.

  • In order to adequately educate your customers and avoid too much talks, you could print a banner with brief explanation of what bitcoincash is and how they could buy and use it. Just few texts in plain language. That would be of great help.

You will never regret accepting Bitcoincash in your business, as a payment method or the only payment method. And your sales will do better than it used to because, bitcoincash is a problem free currency.

It's best for payment!

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Written by   114
2 months ago
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I just onboarded an entity using the wallet,
was wondering if anyone knows a QRcode format that integrates the code with a BCH logo ?
It would be nice to have a QRcode
that is

  • framed?
  • or shadowed?
  • or tinted?
  • otherwise displaying the BCH logo in discreet presentation
  • The BCH logo need to be recognizable but subtle.
    The QRcode itself needs to be the primary visual component.
    [There exist locales where discretion is very important.]

  • Any suggestions are welcome....

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2 months ago

Great to know you convinced 3 retailers to accept BCH. Soon more retailers will join the game and and apart from stickers some might use screens to display BITCOIN CASH ACCEPTED HERE. With the future in mind I'll make try to make some animations on that.

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2 months ago

I love bch

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2 months ago

This is one of my wishes for BCH uses. I use to buy stuff online, bch is a good choice for payments also.

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2 months ago

Yes, businesses have started realizing it and soon, more will join in. BCH will be global.

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2 months ago