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Bitcoincash as the underdog

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1 year ago

Whenever I use bitcoincash for transactions, the experience I get makes me wish I had some sort of superpower to make every living soul on earth know about bitcoincash, see the good in it, adopt it and place it as the world class currency that it is. From the medical perspective, I would refer to bitcoincash as the benign coin with a malignant tendency. It is an underdog that shouldn't be undermined.

What does it mean by an underdog?

The underdog was the loser in a game of actual dog fight back then in 19th century and that clearly defines why it was referred to as an underdog while the winner is the top dog. This term had since been adopted when it comes to games involving teams where the ones everybody expects to win are the top dogs while the team expected to loose are the underdogs. The amazing thing about this is that most at times, the underdogs win.

There is a fighting spirit that accompanies being an under dog. It is a spirit that pushes one to do beyond expectations and prove naysayers wrong. When they say your voice can't be heard, you work hard to prove them wrong without engaging in a verbal fight. It is always the result that comes in the end which proves how hard you have worked silently. underdogs never bother about how people berate them, they only bothers about what the outcome of the game would be. An underdog is a relentless player and carries as much people along without making so much noise. And underdog believes in it's ability and therefore see no reason trying so hard to convince people. It takes the brave and the wise to recognize an underdog.

How is bitcoincash an underdog?

A great question right there. I haven't seen a project in this crypto space into which the developers and the supporters put in so much effort as bitcoincash. Bitcoincash is a cryptocurrency which hasn't lost focus due to market influence and is consistently representing and doing what it was created for. If clearly evaluated, it deserves the rating of the best cryptocurrency in existence. But none of that is happening because it is loudly underated.

Nevertheless, bitcoincash is continuously gaining ground and winning big. It is attracting attention not through unjust glorification but through earnest and purposeful work.

Bitcoincash is obviously doing more than the attention it is getting. But that never stops it from being the best cash and payment tool. It is working silently while those who get lucky to cross its part never wish to leave. It is slowly getting the people's confidence. The result Bitcoincash produces would even make a new user regret not knowing it earlier. I'm proud to have known bitcoincash and I'm going to ride with it into the future.

Bitcoincash will come out on top!

Few months ago, I had an article titled "bitcoincash will surprise people". Since then a lot has happened. Bitcoincash really surprised people with its associated numerous innovations. Surprising people is the pride of an underdog and which is what Bitcoincash does. Winning is the only target an underdog has and therefore, it doesn't disappoint. Bitcoincash will surely win big and come out to the top where it belongs.


Have u heard of bitcoincash before? If yes, do you know what it is? Again, it goes beyond knowing bitcoincash as just a cryptocurrency. I mean, do you really know what bitcoincash is out there to do? Do you visualize a future for bitcoincash or you are also making the mistake of over looking it just like many are presently doing? You might have benefited from bitcoincash before, do you still identify with bitcoincash or you have started loosing interest? What are you doing to make sure your favorite coin(bitcoincash) gets the publicity it deserves? You might not have to do as mighty as @MarcDeMesel but your little efforts would contribute to make a big mountain from where the driving force bitcoincash deserves will resonate. Tell your neighbor what Bitcoincash is and how it could be useful, use that your popular social media handle to tell your few or numerous fellowers about Bitcoincash and how they could benefit from it. Bitcoincash is ours and we believe in its future.

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Written by   226
1 year ago
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We need to tell people around us about what Bitcoincash is and how it could be useful and how they can be beneficial, by doing this we get to promote the platform.

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