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How to get pink lips within 3 days :

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To get natural pink lips, these are the item you need to get : lime , Vaseline and sugar.

First of all you watch the lime and filter the water out from it, and add one spoon of Vaseline to the lime water, then you stare it after that you add the grounded sugar then mix them, all make sure there is no solid substance in the ingredients then you can now make use of it.

Pink lips

How to use the pink lips cream

You have to robe it morning and night continuously for one week, but if you robe it for only it might not last because your lips has not become natural pink so the best, is to robe it until your lips is natural pink .(which I is one week) before that you have to get another lime so that you will use the water to brush your lips before adding the pink lips cream.

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Thanks dude for the tutorial and hope it works.

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2 years ago

I wonder how many insects you attract with sugar and petroleum jelly on your lips. I think I keep my own. I would look weird with pink lips. 🤔

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2 years ago