A Generous Spirit Works Wonder

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Hello Readers, Good Day!😊

The measure of your success is not what is in your wallet but what is in your heart. Like for example giving a gift,expect nothing in return.

In this world where lots of people are in an average state of life. Greed is always there. The greatest cure for greed is generosity. It's also one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.


We're not talking about giving your old clothes to the Salvation Army (the only thing you'll probably feel by doing that is the satisfaction of cleaning out your closet). The only way to feel the satisfaction of true generosity is to give away something you value.

This takes generosity beyond money to a realm that includes both possessions and time. That's what the apostle Paul meant when he wrote that we should "be rich in good works and should give generously to those in need, always being ready to share with others whatever God has given them" (1Timothy 6:18 NLT)❀


The spirit of generosity has become rather stylist in recent years, and that's probably a good thing. The danger in popularizing generosity is that some people may want to publicize their giving.


When that happens, you have to wonder about the true motive. There's also the issue of giving out of your abundance as opposed to giving sacrificially. Both kinds of giving can be useful, but only one gets God's attention.

When it comes to generosity, ask yourself two questions. First, does your generosity come from your heart? A truly generous person gives out of love and compassion, not from a desire to impress others. You also want to give cheerfully, not grumpily. Generosity is incompatible with criticism, resentment, or regret.


Here's another question to ask. Is your generosity productive? In other words, are you giving money, stuff, or time away without accepting responsibility for the consequences? Don't be foolish. Pay attention to the details of where your giving is going. Remember, each time you give to those "in need," you are making an investment of God's resources. Invest wisely. Be a good money manager by making sure your generosity is productive.😘


  • Money is like fertilizer:It's not much good unless it's spread around.

  • If you want to be needy-hoard.

  • If you want to be poor-grasp.

  • If you want to rich-give.

  • Think of your net worth as what you have given rather than what you have.

  • Give money to people or organizations you can stay personally involved with.

  • Initiative is seeing what needs to be done and doing it before you are asked.

  • Filling an existing need can be as valuable as anticipating a new one.

  • Give the gift of time. It's a gift more valuable than money can buy.

  • Giving is more fulfilling when you align it with your interests and goals.

  • Generosity does not include giving away something you'll never miss.

  • The more specific your make your giving, the more productive it will be.

  • Before financially support an individual or an organization, find out if the following characteristics are evident:purpose, strategy, and accountability.


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Although indeed giving is much more fulfilling than receiving responsible giving is more productive if you know the result of your helping out could have a positive effect on that individual or group in either a short time or the long run.

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Exactly! This is what I've said from the article. The best point and what matters truly

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It truly is in giving that we receive, G! Good evening. Haven't seen you in ages!

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Hello Ate! Miss you ahww it's been a long day hehe. I'm busy with my Acads but still finding some time to grind in crypto hehe.

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