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Human Nature

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2 years ago

We, people tend to get mad when someone disagrees with us or does something wrong to us. In return, we respond through the same way. That makes the world unpeaceful.

We all know what is right or wrong and also what is good and bad but sometimes we choose to do things right or wrong or sometimes right and wrong. We tend to think that good is different from bad but I have a different perspective with it.

I am a type of a person who always regret on the things that I haven't and should've done. So I decided to look always in a different angle. Whether good or bad. Whether right or wrong.

All I am just saying is that in every bad deed that we do there is a good thing that will come in return. Also in good deed. What is that? It is moral lesson. In every wrong decision that we make, there is a right decision to make. To move on. And that also is a moral lesson.

We should live our lives to the fullest. When someone did wrong to us look in different angle. Let us be good to people who did something bad to us. It is just all about respect. Everyone of us makes mistakes. Besides, that is a HUMAN NATURE.

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