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Every color is Beautiful

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2 years ago

When I was a kid, I was always teased because of my skin color. I have dark brown skin. They would call me Aeta or Carabao whenever I passed by the bullies. I never faught back. I was afraid that they will always turn back on me. That is why, As I grew up, when I entered college, I still expect people who will tease me for having the same skin color, as usual. Well, as expected but it was lighter. I mean, they won't call me Aeta or Carabao. Instead, they will joke around, especially when it is already night time that they can't see me through the dark. But then, at least it is lighter as I had said because as I grew up, I saw every inch of me. That there is nothing wrong on having dark skin color. It is a blessing from above. So I learned to be thankful. A lot of people would still joke me around and tell me the same things. But I would say thank you that you still know to identify colors 🤣

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