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Jamais vu

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1 week ago

The moment I opened my eyes while lying in the hospital bed, I couldn't get a glimpse of the happenings in the past. I can hear people shouting, moving cars, and awkward silence. I can feel the tightness of the bandage in my head and my body is too numb to feel it.

"You're awake!" I can see the happiness in my mother's eyes. I lurked around to see the unfamiliar room the uncommon scent I smelled and all the minor tubes attached to my left hand. My mouth is too weak to say a word. I wanted to ask my mother, where is my husband? A few moments two people went inside the room. I couldn't recognize it at first but when it became clear to me, I saw the smiling face of my father. The other one sits on the couch. I couldn't see its face but I can hear her sobbing.

I closed my eyes to remember everything that had happened. I remembered I was in the car when it crashed because somebody shoved it and I fell on the river. I remembered how my sister took my husband and my husband cheated on me. I remembered all the pain and suffering. A tear escaped from my eyes. I felt the hands of my mother as she squeezed my right hand. "Be strong. I will not let them take you away from me." I know I'm too weak to understand, but what does that mean? Did my step-sister try to kill me? Is this all because of her? I need to be strong and take back what is mine.

After a month of medication, I am now ready for discharge. It's just always my mother, father, and brother with me in the hospital. I wonder where is my step-sister now? I don't bother asking my dad, since she's also his daughter, because probably he doesn't know either. I wanted to know where is my husband. I trying to pick up bit by bit the broken pieces of my heart while he is with my sister. The pain gave me a lot of trauma. I understand why does my family doesn't ask too many questions because they knew the pain I'm suffering.

"Mom, where is my phone?"

"The rescue was not able to find it. Perhaps it went ashore when you fell in the river."

My head stings. She runs to me and slowly steered me on the couch. For a moment, I saw my husband's face. I was not able to control myself so I cried my heart out. I felt the pain coming from the core of my veins. The pain is unbearable. I had given up all my life for my husband. But, he cheated on me with my sister.

I was an artist. I always wanted to go to Italy and pursue my passion but Dominic doesn't want me to go. So I stopped pursuing my dream and I became an office worker. Three years of togetherness and we had the share of love and care for each other. This year we are planning to make our family complete. I was having a complete rest as suggested by our doctor. Until Hannah came, my step-sister from my father's side. She is sweet, caring, and loving. Little did I know, she creeps into my husband like a little snake. She owns a business in Singapore but she decided to close it down to live permanently in the Philippines with us. If only I knew she would betray me, I should have not helped her to settle her unfinished business so she could travel easily. We became close to each other despite being apart for a long time.

This second life probably has a reason why God granted it to me. I decided to live just how was I before. I will try to move on from the past as it is best for all of us. My dad, mom, and my brother are now my sources of strength.

We were happily eating our dinner when there is a sudden knock on the door.

'This is PNP, we are here to take Ms. Kristine dela Rosa for the murder case in Sto. niño Bridge'

My father throws the warrant of arrest that they showed.

What is this? What am I criminal?! Why should I bear all this? Aren't I was the one haunted and planned to killed by my step-sister? This is so unfair.

I had no choice but to go with them. As they were dragging me outside the house and my head is aching again. I left my family in the house.

I found myself sitting in a dark for-walled room with a single light at the center. I noticed a person across the long table. That when I know the interrogation and investigation begins. He asked me a lot of questions but I cannot answer because I don't have an answer. He is insisting that I killed my sister.

"I did not kill my sister. She was the one who planned to kill me"

"Do you perhaps suffer from amnesia?"

"No, sir. I'm completely fine"

"Miss Dela Rosa, how many years have you been married?"

"Three years, sir."

He scoffed. He threw papers in front of me. I was shocked by what I see. This is not real. I read it one by one and the rears in my eyes are uncontrollably flowing. Whose memories are these?

I was never married.

I owned a business in Singapore which I closed to stay in the Philippines. Oh my God! All along I thought I was the victim.

That night, I overheard my sister going to her husband and I trailed her and I purposedly hit

her car but I did not estimate that there could be other cars along the road that's why I fell off the bridge.

Flashbacks keep flashing in my head. It's all clear now. I remembered all the bad things I've done. Is this what my mom means what she said to me the moment I wake up from the hospital? She knew that the police is after me. Why did I not remember this thing? I should have not woken up?

With all the confessions I made, I was curious about one thing.

"What happened to Dominic, sir?"

He showed me a newspaper with the headline, "Man commits suicide after knowing the death of wife"

I covered my mouth in disbelief and I fell to the floor. I couldn't believe it. I should have not woken up from that long sleep. I should've died in the river. Is this God's purpose for giving me a second life? To suffer and repent from the sins I made? Isn't erasing the memories, thinking I was the victim not enough to make me suffer?

"Sir... take me. I'm willing to pay for my sins."

Within close doors, they locked me up in a dark cold room. This probably is hell.

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Written by   25
1 week ago
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