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It is for sure most of us had a very memorable and interesting high school life. Many have said that High school is the best 4 years of their lives (for the old curriculum peeps). I am one of those people who believe in that. Here is a tick-off activity on Pinterest to check how thug you are in high school.

Always late

The distance from my parents’ house to the school is just very close. There is no reason for me to be late. Even if I wake up at the warning bell of the school, I can still make it on time and join the flag ceremony, well with my messy wet hair.

Bringing cellphone other gadgets that are restricted

I am part of the student body, but I am guilty of this. We prohibit bringing gadgets at school, but I bring them secretly and even use them during class hours whenever I get bored. I use my phone for reading ebooks. I remembered how addicted I am and also my friends reading ebooks. Wattpad was not yet known during that time. But, I was never caught because I am very much careful not to get noticed using gadgets on the school premises.

Playing cards during class hours

I have never been interested in such games. So skip.

Eating during class hours

So, I always have in my bag, marshmallows and jelly ace. My teachers were not that strict about eating for as long as you can focus on the discussion and don’t disturb others in the class.

Forged my parent’s signature

If only my parents sued me, I’ve been going in and out of the jail for doing it numerous times. Especially, if it's something urgent and I can’t wait for them to come home.

Going to the restroom with friends

The funny thing is, we will ask permission to go out to the washroom but when we got there, we will do nothing but talk random things and we'll just get back to the room when someone comes in hahaha.

Your name under the noisy list

 Nope. I am the one who lists my noisy classmates hahaha. I am not that noisy inside the class. I was even given a meritorious award every March for being behave in the class.

Copied my classmate's answer in an exam

In high school, we give and take. We share everything. May it be food, answers to assignments, or problems. But, in examinations, we do not copy each other. We help each other in studying and reviewing instead.

Been suspended for 3 days or more

Never been suspended and none of my classmates had ever been suspended. We are all good role models for the lower years.

Cutting/skipping a class

I wish I had experienced that but no hahaha. My mama can see me if I go out of school during class hours. I can only skip classes if something goes wrong with my health or monthly visits.

Always borrow a pen in class

I only borrow a pen if I cannot find mine inside my bag but most of the time, I am the one they always run to when they need to borrow a pen. I had a pencil case that is full of different colors and brands of pens. Some are not even working, I only declutter my bag after every quarter.

Skipped Prom

We didn't have a prom night but we had senior's ball when I was in my 4th year in high school. I attended because I am an officer and we are in charge of most of the things that are in the event even the restoration. I still enjoyed it though.

Argue/fight with my classmate

This one cannot be denied. I had a few arguments and small fights with my classmates but, it doesn't last for long. The funny thing is, no matter how angry we were during the argument, the next day feels like nothing happen and when we talk about it again we just laugh at ourselves and tried to figure things out and look for a solution to the problem.

How about you? Why don't you go back and reminisce about the times when you were in high school? For sure, you will be smiling while answering like me, because you remembered the good old times :)

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Ako before ug naa pay honors sa late usa nako adto. Best in late jud sauna bisan gani pagkacollege mao gihapon malate gihapon bsag nag boardinghouse na

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9 months ago

Guilty here for eating during class hour 🙈. College ganyan din ee ehe

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9 months ago