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What makes me so stingy with these animals?

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1 year ago

They are our dogs, alright. And I sincerely love them. How I cried over those who were bought because they were no longer with us. But then I still feel stingy. The food they consume is way more than the budget. Forgive me, I just wish to let out.

We brought the puppy home in the very first place. We knew what was expected. The puppy we brought home two years ago is a female. So then it will produce more puppies. More and more puppies.

Every season when the female pup was ready for mating I would feel uncomfortable during the time it gives birth to many puppies. Twice a year, always more than four puppies.

This season, right now (the fourth batch), we have five beautiful puppies. And just one of the previous grown up dog from the same origin. If only I had no other commitments, I would care more for the little puppies. But they demand time as well. They’re animals, and they eat, they need care and shelter.

I was considering the ligation but was too lazy to act on it. Also, I don’t think it is a good idea to do that. Maybe it is, since I want to keep the mother dog. She is white, kind, and like a human person. She is quiet when she knows the people who are passing by but would attempt to bark when she doesn’t know the people.

One of my options would be to sell the mother dog to willing and loving buyers, or not be stingy with them anymore, exhaust possible means to remedy their food. Else, I will always have reservations about this ordeal.

Another thing, we do not have enough backyard to raise them. The city is attempting to pass the ordinance that all dogs should be kept. No stray dogs. But I wonder about that ordinance. I will research more about it for us to be guided. There are free vaccinations, that’s one less of worry.

I know of someone who would go to buy fish inners for their dogs. I will also do the same instead of always cooking sardines with rice. I knew this is how it is to have pet dogs but still I did not give my consent to my husband when he brought the animal home. But since I had no backbone or nice speech or excuse to give him so I had to do my best to care for them.

There were occasions when I brought commercial food (feeds) for them but it would be consumed before I know it. Then I run out of budget again. We have to always cook their food. They shouldn’t eat raw foods because it would cause them skin reactions.

During the earlier months of the puppies we have to always do something so they wouldn’t go on with skin diseases. Last time, we called a vet and he injected something to them which made them well after a few weeks. The one with the worst allergy got well like she hadn’t had the disease at all.

I will retain the bitch but I will have to give some of the puppies to those who are willing to adopt them. With no cost. I am not a breeder. I just wanted those who are kind enough to care for the dogs. I will be keeping one or two male dogs.

Definitely, these creatures are stress relievers. This is my first time, already two years now, having pet dogs. I never knew they were like humans. You could actually talk to them and they would understand. I honestly didn’t know that. It was only now that I am learning the wonders of keeping dogs in the backyard.

Happens our dog has some breed, so the offspring white as well. I call their names and they would come to us. I scold them and they know their faults. They are like therapeutic for us. I can’t imagine life now without them, despite my complaints and plights.

I love them, alright! So to myself, don’t be stingy okay? Just be resourceful and creative and don’t take it out on the animals.

Well, well, well. I’m good now. Seems so. Thanks for listening to what I have to say. Now I kind of understand why so many others treat these pets like they were their own children.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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