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Umaywa, Mu Shindayro

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1 year ago

Whatever that means, it's some expression my sons repeatedly thrown at each other. One would loudly say, "Umaywa, mu shindayro!" Then the other responds with, "Nani?!!!" They surely watched something somewhere, picked it up and became part of their language.

Then I thought of searching the internet. Upon typing the first word of umaywa, mu shindayro, it automatically suggested 'umaiwa mou shinderiu.' Then the search results revealed, 'omae wa mou shindeiru.' It means 'You are already dead.'

I do not know what to make of this but definitely their watchlist will be censored from here on. I tried censoring before what they kept watching but sometimes it's hard to monitor.

But sometimes, it would also be best to watch with them, synthesize comment then deliver to them why they shouldn't be watching such things or that if they watch, they should be critical with what they are watching.

I captured their phones before. No actually, they do not have phones in the first place. They were just borrowing our phones, mine and my spouse's. So I didn't let them use it. But they had the television to watch if not from the YouTube.

In fairness to the creators, I shouldn't conclude immediately since they only created those for entertainment purposes and it was on the viewers discretion to watch or not. So yes, the heaviest responsibility lies still on the parents' shoulders.

But well, I used to binge watch anime and there was even a time when I got so infatuated with the characters and set of Hunter x Hunter. So I understand their love for what they are watching.

But then again, they should still be holding pens and papers. I only started binge watching after I got married. When I looked for things to entertain me. Those times when I cared for my less than a year old baby. When I was still on maternal vacation. Though in truth, I really didn't have some job to return to. I needed to apply after three years after giving birth in order to be accepted for a job.

Anyhow, regardless whether they have those to watch or not, parents' attention to them will be the biggest factor to guide them with anything.

"Omae wa mou shindeiru!!!"


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Written by   33
1 year ago
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