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The air responds in support

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1 month ago


(Some parts are just some inventions.)

Midnight, I talked to my husband about getting up early. I will be walking till I reach a mark. I will exercise so the coat I so loved will fit me during the near future cold season.

My husband said 'm-m' so I took it as a vote for yes. Then the air followed it up!

So after telling him that I went to the living room to write using my mobile phone. Ah, yes, I first went to the CR to do what is to be done but then I was consti... I asked my husband with a loud voice to bring me hot water that I will drink in case my intestines contract.

But he told me, "tapnu lang maka cellphone ka," (just so you can use your phone) after delivering my request.

Half truth because that really is what I've been doing. Drinking hot bevs while...

But on another space of my mind is the thought of cellphone-ing while...

So there the air responded in support!

Anyway, here goes me going back to the 'sala'.

I was drinking my last cup of coffee. Last cup because it's the last sachet of my favorite instant coffee (great taste white caramel).

Then supernaturally the wind blew that knocked my cup off. Dearest coffee was spilled.

Second time the air responded in support!

As of writing time, 12:48 AM. I should have already slept for 4 hours already. But I keep typing the keys. I guess these two hands are to be disciplined.


I was searching for interpretations. I looked at the floor, saw no sign. I glared at the wall. No sign. I walked around a little, still nothing.

Then when I closed my eyes, a cool breeze touched my face. Seemingly it came from opening in our house.

Then that cold breeze told me, "Sleep so you will be able to exercise as you have declared."

I opened my eyes to find out the window got opened. By who knows who!!!

I almost screamed but then I withheld. It was me who opened the window just a moment back.


Sorting it out

The events that really happened was the talking to my husband and going to the comfort room requesting for hot water. The thing he said were there also. It's also true that I stayed at the sala and was having my last sachetful cup of coffee.

My inventions were the spilling of coffee and the opening of window. In fact we do not have windows right in front of where I am sitting right now. I would have to stand up before opening the window. And also we do not have sofa here at our house. Only mono blocks. But you bet I won't be comfortable sitting on it while writing. That brings cool breeze though is my wishful thinking. What we have around the house are more houses. But yeah, air comes in but not really that one I was dreaming off.

My day though a good day was uneventful. Therefore I have to make more of it. I thought of this. And if I were to write stories, I need all the creativity that I could manage.

Games instead of stories

If in case I cannot create stories, what I have in mind are games that I could create. Here comes my impulsiveness again in announcing. I don't really have anything in mind as for the game. But thinking about one lights the fire in me.

They will be more on puzzles rather than those like ML. And also so they can be written here.

Let me just leave here a short puzzle...

Someone stole Ana's chocolate. Ana's chocolate is a rare item in their area of residence. Her classmate, Dinah, claims she saw someone eating the chocolate. On the other hand, another of their classmates, Rina, claims as well she saw someone eating the chocolate.

They do not wish to utter the name in the air so they decided to verify-confirm their suspect on who stole the chocolate.

The puzzle here is to determine a way for the two to verify-confirm their suspicion without ever saying a name to anyone.

The puzzle their will not really answer the true culprit. We will only focus on coming up with ways on how Dinah and Rina verify-confirm their suspicion. As for the culprit, we never know really if this will lead us to the real one because who knows, there might really be other chocolate like that of Ana's. The limited given make it impossible to investigate so just focus on Dinah and Rina's way of solving their problem.

This and other puzzles are crypto in nature. I patterened this on an article I've read about the maths of crypto.

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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