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Teeth teeth teeth

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1 year ago

So... Hi again. I'm here to talk about what's life like after tooth extraction. So, thankfully the toothache is gone, just the little pain from the extraction site which is very normal of course. When your tooth is removed, it's natural that the area where it is removed is painful.

I was told to eat less and not to keep touching my mouth. But of course, I also didn't want to touch my mouth because I am very afraid I might catch an infection.

Appetite came rushing back though after the tooth extraction. But before it, can you imagine the effect of just one tooth aching? I had very poor appetite or perhaps I had the fear of triggering it to get painful again. So I ate poorly as well.

Now that it's gone, I am back to craving those that I used to eat.

Yesterday when I came home, one of those who were telling me not to go for tooth extraction doubted if I indeed succeeded with my appointment. I told her it was.

It's somewhat different now than before. I don't know, or it was just luck that I was able to have my tooth removed yesterday because honestly it was still painful (just mild thought just before the removal).

According to the experiences of our neighbors, the dentists back then won't do extraction if the pain is still on because patients might experience hemorrhage. In my case though, I was simply given medicine for that after the extraction. Or maybe, they see that my condition is okay. The reason why I didn't feel any remarkable something.

Well well well, I'm just glad it was removed. That painful tooth! Good riddance... Though if I were still prideful, I would still have kept it to still have a complete set of teeth. Just tooth filling maybe was what I would have requested from the dentist. But too long keeping a complete set. It's time to let go. Just one. Hoping the other teeth will cooperate with me and not be following that first permanent to be fired from my mouth... (Like a poor employee being fired. What a comparison. My teeth aren't employees of my mouth though.)

Just saying.

I am all the more inspired to make sure that my children will brush their teeth and refrain from too much sweets. Also me, I also needed to maintain my oral hygiene. And not eat anymore very hard things like that of meat bone. I am a meat lover but I guess I have to do things moderately. I have to eat moderately.

I used to eat almost anything that I chance on the table. Meat, rice, sweets, noodles, treats, pizza, even spicy ones nowadays (because of watching mukbang :-)), etc. Now, I will have to evaluate nutritional value first. Nutrition over any other thing. So that I will be able to keep my remaining teeth at the same time maintain my health.

I've seen my friends who had false teeth struggle to eat particular food because they couldn't use their false teeth properly. I've also seen others who remarked they had lesser taste on the food because of the removal of many teeth. Who wants that to happen? So while I still have mine, I will care for them.

It's dangerous not to eat well (for me) because you will not have the necessary energy to do tasks, in the house, for your job, for other things. Before when I wasn't eating well just because of lack of allowance, I experienced nausea and anemia. Good thing that when I got married, and that I was able to indulge in complete diet, I was able to get rid of nausea and anemia. I even took supplements before just to get my blood back to normal.

So take care of your teeth, everyone. Teehee!

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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