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Sticky Gum

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1 year ago

Caution and disclaimer: Don’t read if you’re not in good shape. All the following are the personal stance and belief of the author and no one is obliged to believe what she says.

Be careful when disposing your sticky gum. Be kind enough not to spit it out on the way where people walk on and make their way somewhere. Important or not so important. If you were to walk on sticky gum, would you have been happy? Weren’t you distracted and annoyed?

So be careful not to spit your gum out just anywhere. Put a cut of tissue on your hand and get your gum from your mouth, your tongue pushing the gum out to meet the tissue on your lips. Then throw the gum on the waste basket or trash can.

Likewise, be careful in entertaining spiritual people who invade your free will and threaten and give you a lot of uncalled-for conditions. They will use the Holy Spirit to bind you and get you from your comfort zone and throw you in raging waters. They will even let inexperienced one preach over you and confuse you even more. Be careful because they will be sticky.

Once you entertain such people, you’d have to deal with them for the rest of your week, checking on you, disturbing your calm and condemning you when you do not go to their church. They will care more about your welfare than their own. They will not be contented with teaching you good morals. They will criticize and point out others’ mistakes and declare that their practice is perfect.

Be careful when you go out. You might thread on sticky gums or spiritual people. One thing’s for sure. You are comparing sticky gums with spiritual people. Nope, they’re different. Sticky gums are made out of sticky gums. While spiritual people are made out of people. You can’t compare them at all. When you thread on sticky gums, you’ll be able to get rid of it in no time. When you involve yourself with spiritual people, they’ll stick to you but you’ll never get rid of them.

Don’t be a fool, don’t face them head on. For they have a way of cursing your life. Be polite and tell them you’re good. If they don’t buy it be firm and tell them clearly that you have your own congregation.

It is sad how such people prey on others’ conscience to succeed in what they’re doing. Such a pity many are becoming victims of such ploys. They say respect others for you to be respected. But where is respect when they trample on your belief. And even say that they have come from where you’re coming. This is way over the top.

Shield yourself from such people. Pray silently on your chamber and ask for wisdom. You’ll be food for the spirits if you yield every single time. Protect yourself and family. Practice goodness and righteousness and don’t judge others. Don’t interpret your text literally. Reflect and use logic. And you will be saved more.

Hypocrisy is detestable. How can you ask others to change when you or any of your family members are struggling? How can you preach when you don’t understand your own words? When you are not convinced by your own voice? Aren’t we fooling ourselves? How will a cook sew a piece of cloth? Likewise, how will a dressmaker cook? if you can’t cook, don’t cook. if you can’t sew don’t sew. If you can’t speak, don’t speak. If you’re made to sweep then sweep excellently and you will be praised. If you’re made to teach, teach excellently and you will be honored. If you can’t keep a house, don’t resent others. Just do your best and accomplish the minimum and do well where you excel.

Remind yourself to always be on the lookout for sticky gums. If it gets to your shoes, you’ll be distracted and you might be late 30 minutes before your due appointment.

Most of all, don’t mind me for I do not understand this thing that I am saying. It is like I was possessed to write and I do not know why I am using analogy from sticky gums and spiritual people. Don’t be deceived and just be positive about life. Always think on the sunny side. Consider the clouds but know how to enjoy the sun.

Did you know that chewing gums can burn calories? Of course! That goes without saying. Every activity that we make burns calorie/s. even just breathing requires energy. So if you’re planning to reduce weight, consider chewing gums.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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