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Playing Bubble Shooter

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1 year ago

It's deemed rest day today so I played bubble shooter which I just chanced upon my phone, downloaded by some of the kids. It was a little mindless a game though you should still use some tricks in order to pass the levels.

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The first few levels are very easy and simple. Depending on the version or brand of bubble shooter game that you download, you may have around 10 levels where you simply shoot a bubble to the same color and the cluster would pop. You do that over and over until no bubble is left on the top of the screen.

Well, I might be lacking in description so you may just search the internet for the more well-defined explanations. You may also see there the tips and tricks to go by the game. But of course, since this is a popular game, I would assume you already know how it's played.

I played just to relax. But apparently, it wasn't just for a few levels because just before writing this, I already reached level 67. It was maybe my kind of game because I was able to enjoy it and I was a little very into it for during this afternoon.

I like the challenge when I would fail to clear the level and I would attempt a lot of times to play it again and again just so I could finish the level off. It somewhat steadied my system so that I would temporarily forget my woes.

Unlike candy crush where you really needed to focus sometimes, bubble shooter is the game to play when you just wanted some relaxation. It's mindless, calming, and simple.

I don't know but it's how I liked the game.

I think it's been a year now since I last played something like this one. The only app perhaps that's long been with me is the ClipClaps but I also rarely open that now. You would need how many months just to be able to obtain 10 dollars, the minimum for cash out.

I stopped playing games because I felt I needed more time for blogging. So it was only now that I again played something like the bubble shooter. I guess this will be a steady game for me since I have not moved on since starting it again this day. Well, I will allow myself this indulgence for now. Maybe, a few days and I will be over this. Teehee.

So... Let's play again! Ready, shoooot! POP!!!

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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