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In love with mornings!

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1 year ago

I must have forgotten about yesterday. I believe I sat to write but I guess I have completely forgotten about writing. For once, I get so relaxed I simply let time slip by. So I will make up for it today. It's still considered early as it has not struck 10 am yet.

It's again a bright sunny day today. It's cool, it's fresh, it's morning! If I were a photographer, I would bring out my camera then take a shot at all angles I could get.

I am no painter either, to capture into my works the magnificent rise of the morning sun. But I am just a regular person who knows how to appreciate and write.

So here I am, forgetful maybe, but still kicking. What a wonderful morning this is!

If I live near the sea, I would have brought my pen and diary with me then sat near the sea and write until my hands got tired. Anyhow, we find a way to enjoy moments somehow no matter how overpopulated our area is. Maybe it's still not because we still have spaces to squeeze ourselves in every now and then.

The round celestial body is winking at me, urging me to do the laundry. What a silly heavenly body. May you just pass your warmth to me? Don't nag, don't scold at all. The laundry will take care of itself.

But yes, I should do the laundry not to get to the mountainous point again and I might not be able to like the feeling again of seeing so much clothes on the hamper.

The can't determine if the morning sun is telling me to rush or telling me to just enjoy its rays.

But for sure, it never complained giving hope to everyone. Yes, hope... It assures everyone in this lifetime that it still rises every morning.

In my younger days, I would bask in the early morning sun. Again, back in the province, I have never been a late riser. I always got up before 6 in the morning. A habit passed down by parents to their young ones in that serene place.

I appreciated how they reared us because it had been helpful when I got to college.

So now, I became so reminiscent let me close my eyes and enjoy the morning sun!

Hope you have a great day!

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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