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Can’t get enough mentioning the sun

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1 year ago

I am in love with the sun. I like its rays blazing my skin. I love its warmth, its yellowness, its message that today is another warm day. It warms the heart of even stony people.

I could finally let some of the parasites and bacteria be scorched to death when I dry my clothes in the open. Hoping sunny days will drag on so as to experience more of the naturally dried laundry. We will save electricity when we don’t use the dryer on some days.

Has it been three days since the rain stopped?

In this life where misery abounds, once in a while getting a sun is luxurious. Someone comes into our lives to make us laugh, make us experience warmth and joy and bliss. The bliss will last a lifetime when good times are reminisced.

Misery abounds, sufferings is inevitable. We live our lives as safely as we can but we can’t ever avoid misfortunes and adversities. Hence, having the sun is very much welcome to us.

Who is your sun? Or, what is your sun?

As much as you enjoy the sun, don’t forget to be one as well. Don’t hesitate to appreciate, to smile if needed, bring about positivity to surroundings. While you can, be a warm person. Once you’re cold, you’ll never be while you are. So while you can, just be the warm person that you can be.

Don’t incite activities that will bring about doom. Be positive. Seek Him whenever you can. So will I. I will forever be in His care. I often forget, though I wish I won’t ever. But things doesn’t work the short way. We have to remember every day. In the morning upon waking up, we have to look up.

Sometimes, I find it hard to remember. It would be commonsense to bring up a placard that will remind us to always remember. To never forget. That He is there whenever we’re in need. We don’t have to show to everyone how we pray, but in the privacy of our rooms, we can ask Him to redeem us.

He is my sun and my redeemer. He will be my guiding light. Alas! Why is my heart still so broken and heavy! I must do something about this one.

My dear friend, upon writing every day, I can’t stop mentioning Him. No matter how I try, turn and toss, live and laugh, without Him I am nothing. I remember those almost futile attempts to excel… I just feel frustrations. But when He is with me, I feel very able. I then have to ask Him every day.

The literal sun He created. The not literal, He as well created. It is then a must to thank Him all our lives.

The best medicine therefore that we should strive to obtain is the medicine for forgetfulness. Aide memoire, placards, kodigos, signage, and many more. They must be able to let us remember. If not, why can’t we just keep it in our hearts? Why does such a single glorious moment make us forget? We should all the more glorify Him.

How often do I feel guilty of forgetfulness… I should know better. I should be more thoughtful. Why am I not thoughtful? Why do I always forget? Why do we always forget?

My dear friend, it will indeed be a dreadful event, the moment we forget. If we keep forgetting, we might be thrown down the abyss. Sometimes, abyss of no return. But then even the most impossible of things He redeems.

He is my sun, and I can’t get enough mentioning my sun. For He is my redeemer and my savior.

I look up to the sky and I may be blinded but my heart is singing gloriously. After the days of rain, we’re finally basking in his rays again. And we have to balance the beam. We prepare and do our best to secure our belongings. It would already be a commonsense to ask Him for protection. But we also should do our best to perform our part. As they say, do your best then He will do the rest.

Let the sun shine through our lives whether it is rainy season or not.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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Sun is a sign of a new day for, a new start and a new beginning. The torch in our life with the sunshine it's shows.🌤️

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1 year ago

Thanks for such a wonderful reminder... Go bless!

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1 year ago